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I know, since I'm not a paying member, I may not be the best to suggest this, but ever since the change was made to make the junkyard member's only to post things for sale in, it has felt very limited and you don't see a lot of obscure and interesting things as much as you used to. I understand that runs should be limited to members only to ensure some kind of security for both sellers and buyers, but would there be any interest in making the basic junkyard available for all... or maybe make a separate one for all members? Of course, like on other sites there could be some requirements to meet before being able to sell on the site, such as a specific amount of time passed since join date and a minimum requirement of posts.

EDIT: maybe a requirement could even be to have had at minimum 1 month's membership before being able to sell openly even if you are no longer a member.

Or did the open junkyard present too many problems and concerns for the forum in order for it not to be considered again?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. Just thought I'd ask.
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