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Ok i just wanted to know what to do if someone sells you somthing and they dont deliver on the goods? I know its unlikely i will get my money back but what else can i do?


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report it to a staff member. They will look into it. It's not something taken lightly around here.

And you can and should also file a complaint with Paypal if that's how you paid.

Alan Castillo

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What Jason said.

You should also open a thread, outlining what happened etc, to let members know not to deal/buy from that person, and why. Otherwise, it'll just keep on happening.

Adding to what Jason said again, if you paid by PayPal and the 45-day limit is up, file a charge-back with your credit card company (if your PayPal is linked to one).


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I have to add to what Alan wrote that we first expect members to attempt to resolve issues all by themselves.
This includes sending pm´s, emails, and if the other party does not respond it´s time to start a paypal claim.

If all of this fails, then contact a member of the staff. We then will try to mediate in the issue. In the meantime it´s okay to post a (still) respectful "Where is my item"-question in the original sales thread.

The reason is that we primarily give everyone the benefit of the doubt, life can get in the way of the hobby. But we have a very low tolerance threshold, meaning that we will take measurements against a member that does not deliver an item if we do not receive a reaction within an acceptable time frame.

Starting a call-out thread should be done in a respectful manner, e.g. asking if anyone has seen member XYZ in the last few days or has contact with them, before throwing out probably incorrect accusations.

So, before starting a "call out"-thread it is never wrong to notify the staff.

RPF staff

Alan Castillo

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/\ True.

My comments were made assuming that it was understood that all methods of personal communication between buyer and seller had already failed.
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