Jumanji Board Review (Markpoon's board V2 repainted by Restaurajones)


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Hi Jumanji's fans!
I'm here (finally) to do a review for this FANTASTIC prop!

Like many of you already know, I have a Markpoon's Board V2. All of you already know the improved part of this board compared to the old V1.


Some words of the prop itself. Markpoon work on this beauty was fantastic. He created something that we dreamed for 20 years!
It is fantastic, but not perfect... This isn't his fault but something need to be said on this thread:
  1. I don't received the green dome and ring (as you can see in the pics). This was a error from fabric, not Mark's error and he already said me that will send these pieces very soon, so thanks Mark!
  2. Lid not close complete. As you can see in the pics it isn't 100% close
  3. The central part of the board is curved... no possibility no have it linear for the wood problem. I hope when I'll stick it on the board it will stay good
  4. Paint job is not great

These are some points that need to be corrected, for the other... it's simply STUNNING! The CNC machine work is just incredible and the V2 corrected part keep all the original feeling of this prop.

As I said, I don't like original paint job made for it, so I decided to send my board to one of the most recognize artist in Indy's world and not... who? The spanish guy with magical hands! His name is restaurajones (Pedro)!
Guys, today when I opened my package I remained with no words for 5 minutes! I already know the great quality prop made by Markpoon cause in my hands passed also the V1 board, but still don't know what the magical hands of Pedro can do in a prop like this!
He not only repaint ALL board and pieces, but he RESCULPT many parts of them to improve its quality and make it more accurate possible!

This is a before/after pics of my board! Check all details (head of hunter for example):


I asked to him some personal request regarding the final look of the board. As you can see in the creator's website ( http://www.milanowoodworks.com/milanowoodworks_jumanji.html ) he wrote:

- To solve the problem of, “no corners to be square”, the box sides were made extra thick so that material could be removed at random. But this was only done on the outside and the upper ½" of the inside. Below that, the inside remained perfectly square to allow for inserting the game-board.
- The Jumanji game box needed to appear as though made with very basic African tools. No corner was to be 90º and the sides were to be out of square. This created a problem because the box had to close with extreme precision.

He done everything I asked him... and this is it!












Now you understand why you HAVE TO SEND your board to him!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!

This is his email contact if you are interested to have his marvelous hands on your board:
Pedro <psmrestaura@ono.com>
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I really did want one of these boards. :( They look amazing - even more so after the upgrade. I shall remain envious of those who have the boards & hopeful that I'll find time to make one of my own one day, (once I've vastly improved my skills - :) ), or get my hands on one after I become unimaginably wealthy after inventing the next great widget-tron-er-ator. ;)


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Thanks guys for the kind words. Fantastic review and pics, with that air of mistery of the original prop i

Yes, I´m Restaurajones but for other questions I registered here a long time ago with the nick of my other passion , saint seiya franchise :)
I am in contact with regularity with this site but never I have posted anything of my work because I have been as habitual at indiana jones forums and about merchandising. With the time I left that moment to present as me in time always centered on my indy props. But, of course, I would like to post here with my known nick if it is possible for the administrators.

Anyway, soon, I will post one of my last work in the Indiana jones universe, my sankara stones for the rest of the comumminity of the replica prop world. Stay tunned!!

Again, thanks to Pasquale for encouraging me to reconnect with this great site.


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Hey Pedro.. congrates to your amazing "repaint"/"rework" of the Jumanji Board :thumbsup
You did an amazing Job! Simply awesome :popcorn

And wellcome (back) at the RPF :D Please share more of your work here! Always love to see your WIP pics :love
Can't wait to see more of your Sankara Stone Project :popcorn


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In your safe? Aw, I'm having mine on a shelf but nothing protects it really, but I like to contemplate it haha :p! I will probably need a display cabinet again, but I would like some sort of stand to make it more or less straight, or a way to have it half opened or something x)
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