Jumanji Board - 3D Printed

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So this is a project that I've been working on for a few years finally coming to fruition.
Hopefully the most accurate replica of a Jumanji board ever made. The project could be said to have begun lightly over a decade ago, when I made a set of plans that I've seen appear on the forums a few times.

They weren't perfect, but the dimensions were taken by a guy working at an auction house who had one of the solid resin closed boards up for auction. Since then, with Joe Johnston's board going up for auction, many people were able to reach out and get much more accurate measurements and dimensions. The original plans were surprisingly close (for something drawn up by a thirteen year old with second hand info). So I've drawn up much more accurate and detailed plans, and I'll be uploading them here when I've cleaned them up somewhat for anyone to use.

Onto the interesting bit! With a few years put into getting as much information as I could on the board prop(s), and having missed out on Markpoon's beautiful boards from a year or two ago, I started the brunt of the modelling work two months ago when my last work contract ended. This has effectively been a full time project to get it as accurate as I can manage. I'll go into detail a bit later as to how it was modelled, but for now some pictures.

Final02.jpg Final10.jpg Final09.jpg Final08.jpg Final07.jpg FInal06.jpg Final05.jpg Final04.jpg Final01.jpg Final03.jpg Final11.jpg

The center dial isn't accurate, it's just a stand in at the moment. I'll remodel it soon more accurately.

The next stage is printing this sucker! I don't have access to CNC routers or mills, and wouldn't really be sure where to start with them, so the plan is to print this on two 3D printers. A Makerbot Replicator 2 which prints in staggeringly good quality for the small detailed parts and the front plates, along with a Creatbot DM+ which is a cheap chinese printer that is a knock off of the ultimaker with a larger build area for all the large parts.


If anyone has any feedback or questions please let me know. I've just started part one printing!

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Beautiful work. I'd be interested to hear more on how and what you used to do the modeling.

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Wow...! Looks good. Nice to see someone blessing the community thanks for making the cleaned plans available!



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out standing work, i love the jumanji board! this movie means so much to me, it always gets me emotional always being reminded about Robin williams... when i was a kid this is all i watched, loved the trouble maker gang of monkeys lol

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Hey Audrey2! Glad to see this is happening. I was that kid that emailing you back in the day when you had created the Jumanji Fan site and I sent you various pics of my own board fro you to post on the site. Happy to see you are still definitely interested in getting a completed board.

I have a question, would you ever plan to just print certain pieces of the game? Such as the inner playing field and outer design minus the box? I think it would be cool to have an authentic wood box with the printed pieces inside to bring out the accuracy. Maybe do the box with CNC and everything else printed?


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Great work Audrey2. looks very accurate, like a real 3d scan optimized of the original prop. You have a great eye. :thumbsup


Can't wait to see the finished raw prints, the model looks A1!

PS- I find it funny how Simplify3D shows the arms under the build platform


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Thank you all for your kind words!

I'll try and go into a bit of detail as to how it was made, but to start I've already printed a few pieces.
Print_001.jpg Print_002.jpg Print_003.jpg

The jumanji "plate" halves were printed on my Makerbot Rep 2, and the main lid part printed on the Creatbot DM+/DH. The Jumanji plate though has warped at the bottom slightly, so when all finished and paired up, I'll have a rather wobbly uneven gap. As such I've combined all these into one part and I'll try printing it again over the next few days as one piece and see how clean I can get it. What you see here represents 65+ hours worth of printing, so don't expect this to be much of a fast build!

I'd still like to get a copy CNCed up, just gotta find someone mad enough locally to do it. Or maybe invest in one myself, does anyone have any experience with the x carve?

At the moment I'm not releasing the 3D files publicly as they represent a lot of work, and I'm revising them pretty much daily at the moment. Not sure if I want to do a run of these yet, we'll see how the first turns out! However, to help everyone who wants to make their own board, I've got the most recent version of the plans I've drawn up. I'll be editing them soon to put more details on the instruction inserts and the player pieces. But this should be a good start for anyone who wants to build their own.
View attachment JumanjiPlansA0.pdf

The modelling of this was done in Blender, which is a hurrah for free programs. I've tried modelling this in a sculpting method (like zbrush) and a more standard CAD generation method, neither quite managed to meet the blend of careful design and messy sculpting that is the look of the original. So what I did this using what I like to call "displacement modelling". In 3D modelling you can render out 3D data into a displacement map, where how far something is away from a render plan is saved as a value represented by a colour between black and white. So an item closer would be white, and a further object would be a dark grey or black.

This is often done to take information from one 3D object to another (or something clever in rendering that is no use here). This allowed me to model the basic board shape as best as I could, and do the relief sections in multiple programs to attain the best accuracy for each section. To do the different layers of leaves and mountains on the front I drew them in ilustrator and simply assigned colours which I felt reflected their depth best in photoshop, which I could then hand texture in photoshop to give the hand sculpted look when transferred to the board in Blender. The creatures around the edges turned out to be too difficult to do in this method, and were sculpted in Blenders Zbrush like sculpting features. Modelling the surround first, then blocking out the creature shape, using a reference image to displace it as a sort of "transferred guide" to ensure the details I sculpted were in the right place. I then would add the details by hand and clean up the model before saving it out as a displacement map which was combined with the rest of the board's displacement map in photoshop to be applied in one go.

rhinoso-far.jpg rhinoso-far2.jpg rhinoso-far3.jpg RhinoDisp.png displaceinplace.jpg

It was a pretty good method of modelling, especially an item with relief based details. It also meant I could double check that everything was in the correct place by overlaying a picture of the Jumanji board.

And of course this is the method I was using for the rest of the board as well, with items like the play area being entirely done in adobe illustrator, which meant I could easily change the thickness of the cuts into the board by changing the thickness of the illustration strokes.

If anyone has any more questions, please throw them through, got to pass the time while waiting for the pieces to print somehow :)


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Bama Chris

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Looks good, I was able to make an stl file out of a fairly straight ahead photo found on the internet. I thought of making a clay model that i could scan (with a handheld 3d scanner).
In the end maybe your way is better, what kind of package would you sell? Ball park price? I would be interested, i can build the outer box. I am currently trying to make a good copy of the instructions so they can be printed on wood laminate paper. I am removing all the color surrounding the letters so it will just print letters.


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OMG this is amazing! I have been spending the better part of the last few months researching everything I can find on the web.

Just rewatched the movie for the countless time...got back online to dig up some more info....
and then will all luck this thread has come up. Subscribed as I want to follow your progress.

I have always wanted to build a fully working Jumanji board

i'm also wanting to make a Jumanji style box/case for a custom monopolyboard that I made my wife
as I think the Jumanji box is prefect for any board game. Of course, replacing the Jumanji board in the middle of the box with another game board.
Dont need any of the themeing or art detail. Just the overall box design...should not be too difficult to build?
will review your plans...thank you so much!!

please,keep us posted

if you are ever on the fence about selling plans, kits, or completed replica board...I would be extremely interested.

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