Julian Sands missing near Mount Baldy, California

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A minor story until this evening. A hiker was reported missing last Friday, but today it was announced who that hiker was. S&R has been intermittent due to severe weather. I am really hoping he read the room and hunkered down somewhere there just isn't cell signal. I have no idea what sort of gear he might have set out with, but if he has water and an emergency blanket, I'll hold out hope. Fourteen hikers have had to be recovered over the last month, due to conditions in the area, two of whom didn't survive. The sheriff's department had warned about conditions in recent weeks, so he had to have known what he was heading out into.


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Yeah I saw that story. It doesn't look good.

The story said he wasn't a noob tourist, though. He lives in the area and frequently hikes in those mountains.

This incident may be open-ended. The Cali wilderness can be treacherous. There are a lot of trails & park sites right near cities and it gives people a false sense of security. Sometimes the S&R crews need to retrieve people while they are still within sight of suburbia. Some people disappear and nothing is ever found.
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He's a well-educated climber; he knows what to pack and what to do in case of emergency. He has climbed mountains and such all over the World for decades. Now, mind you, if you slip and fall...hopefully he's alright:unsure:


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Last news is that his phone was still working (pinging) 2 days after his family declared him missing. Search was abandoned because of weather.
His batteries are done...no phone signal because of it.
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