Judge fear


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Im working on a judge fear costume based artwork from 2000AD

6.jpg 10.jpg

the main costume will be based on the first pic but i like the helmet and shoulder pauldrons from the second. i apologise as this was going to be a work in progress but i lost some of the earlier build pics so some elements are near completion and others are just starting.

i wanted judge fear to have a post apocalyptic look to him so i decided to loose the gold finish and make everything worn and rusty. despite my best efforts the rust finish never looked right so the final coating is actual rust, i ground up old rusty pipes then applied PVA then sprinkled rust powder on each item last step will be a clear Matt lacquer.


IMG_0855.JPG IMG_0856.JPG IMG_0857.JPG

the main body is EVA floor mats the shaft is a plastic tube and the spring coil is thick armature wire.


IMG_0853.JPG IMG_0854.JPG IMG_0858.JPG

this is also EVA floor mats, the back has a nylon strap as it will be belt mounted


IMG_0851.JPG IMG_0862.JPG IMG_0863.JPG

these are at the halfway point they have a base rust colour and battle damage, next they will be shaped and a final rust coat added


IMG_0869.JPG IMG_0860.JPG IMG_0868.JPG

this was a gift globe from a craft shop, the rear has a nylon strap for belt mounting, needs to be primered then a gloss black finish
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They look awesome! Really like the rust instead of gold choice you made.

Really looking forward to watching your progress.


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thanks Uridium & rollingthunder, i spent ages watching youtube vids on how to paint rust and a lot of time and paint later it looked ok but not real then a one video on how to do rust effects the guy said use real rust powder .....doh


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i curved the shoulder pauldrons and working on the knee pads, by looking at other comic book dredds looks like the colour is British racing green if its another shade lets us know

IMG_0872.JPG IMG_0870.JPG IMG_0873.JPG


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The crumbled rust looks fab on those belt pieces.

British Racing Green would be a good base colour for the pads and then dulled down or mixed with a khaki.

Looking forward to seeing the helmet.


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finally my wire wool pads went rusty, submerged them in water then waited nine days for it to evaporate now I have more rust (how sad is it that it makes me happy) so now I have finished the shoulder pauldrons.


no more rusting wahoo I was beginning to have raw sienna and burnt sienna dreams :wacko now time to work on the helmet


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I can't wait to see this unfold, I love the dark judges. You are doing a brilliant job so far, you are the king of rust! :)

where are you from Gothic? I'm hoping - although it's a long shot - that you're UK based and I might be able to see this costume at a convention one day


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Thanks Implausibility, yeah im uk kent. I so wanna break my convention cherry in costume been to loads but im normally the guy having photos taken with all the other cosplayers and watching all the group photo shoots thinking one day ill suit up and join in


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Good luck with your helmet build - funnily enough last night I was playing with a very similar looking shape as the base for a helmet for my son's next costume:


I'll be making his out of good ol' EVA foam though, nothing fancy like the one in your video


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nice one RacerMacheX found pics of your helmet on an internet search I have them saved in my project file always wondered who's it was :thumbsup the video is fancy lets hope my attempt is passable lol
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