Judge Dredd (Movie) Gun Holster

Supa troop

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We are almost done with our Version of the Judge Dredd Movie Belt, we have sourced or Moulded everything we need but one part section of the gun rig still elude's us.

I'm sure this has been asked before, so before we try to replicate this and go through the expense of Moulding and having this made for us, can anyone please shed some light on what was used to hold the Judges LawGiver into position.

Stallone's hero version was clear and the other Judges all had black plastic gun Holder's.

Where these made especially for the movie ? or a found item that was used.

Ive looked into the possibility that it may have been a cut down Magazine/paper Rack but on further investigation Magazine/paper Rack's are to wide.

This is the last piece to the puzzle, once we have sourced this we can begin to offer full Movie Judge's gun rig's in the future.


Judge Max

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I agree with Bowelrock. My guess would be, purpose made- vacumformed. Ive studied the screen used pics and the lawgiver sits every so slight forward of the very back position. The replica stuff tends to fit flush- that position I guess would be a lot easier to vacumform. Just my two pence.
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