Judge Dredd Lawgiver


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Well, a friend surprised me by giving me his unfinished Lawgiver the other day.
From my limited knowledge, its a good cast, granted a number of air bubbles that need plugging. Whats confusing me is that comparing it to the photos of the two Lawgivers on the Prop Store of London, it seems to have the grip of the hero weapon and the main part is from the stunt.

I think with a bit of slight modification, it could be made into a pretty good replica of the hero gun.

Anyways, heres some pics.

Big thumbs up to me mate for giving me this. :D


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I was perusing the propstore and realised that the hero gun has the same mag base as the samurai gun from blade2.

I am jealous of your nice clean resin casting. I don't love this prop, but I stil would like to add it to the collection eventually.


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that looks like a casting from the same run that mine is from, which if i remember correctly was supposed to be cast off of an original judge hershey stunt lawgiver.

and the beretta that was inside stallone's hero lawgiver shell was used to make the blade samurai pistol. it had the cosmetic magazine mods, and a drop in full auto unit. theres more info on it and all the blade2 guns here




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Really nice, Ive been wanting one of those guns for a long time, but never found one.
Can't wait to see this finished and painted.


Wow, thatÂ’s seriously cool. That must have cost your mate a fortune; he must be one great guy. :D

PS: You might want to hide those two big bags of coke in the background :p


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Wow that is a very clean cast. Perfectly straight too.

I was on the longest search to find a nice clean Lawgiver. I Know how happy you must be with it.


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Originally posted by PHArchivist@Jan 14 2006, 02:29 AM
I have what is pretty much the same cast.  If you want to see pics of my build-up here, let me know...


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I also have one of the Firing Lawgivers from Prop Store of London.
Mine came with the deactivation papers.
Also included in mine is the original Judge Dredd Holster.
Dredd was the only one who wore a clear plastic holster. All the other Judges had holster made of some sort of plact plastic material.

I'm not too sure if the information that LMO has is correct.

I was told that most of the guns were stunt guns and that only a few real firing guns were made.

In the movie one scene were Stallone is shooting at the badguys he was most likely using one of the firing guns with the burst pack installed. Also in the Academy scene he used the stunt firing gun cause he fired in semi-auto. If you watch him shoot he moves that trigger quite a bit.

I think that my purchase of the firing one is from that scene.
I heard that three firing units aside from the burst units were made.

Mine is very heavy as the Beretta weighs quite a bit will all that casing around the base gun.



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Hey Larry (Rogue187)

Was wondering when you were gonna' jump in on this thread.

Larry's gun is awesome, seen it many times and he brings it to the West Coast Prop Parties along with his screen used armor and stuff. The gun is as heavy as a real Beretta 92 with additional stuff attached and the mag with rounds of blank ammo.


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I think I have a real one from Dredd in my garage,it was badly damaged but I began to repair it about 8 years ago and it has te rubber front grip too. they were made by the Magic Model company at shepperton Studios, who have since been absorbed by Cinecite.
will look for it when I get a chance


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Hi guys,

a break down would be cool. So far I am examining the images on the Prop Store of London, and trying to get the one I have to match. Yes it is a little more work, but then again, i am a nit-picker.

In another spot of good news, someone else i know has agreed to send me a Dredd badge to match my gun. At this rate, I will be able to get a costume together for almost nothing LOL


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Plus, a big thanks to my mysterious benefactor, the one and only.....


Cheers for this bud, it saves me having to look for a member of the opposite sex LMFAO

Please insert own comic book store guy from the simpsons joke here....