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I'm starting to lay out my plans for my Judge Anderson costume (comics ver.) and had a few questions about the armor.

1: I've been fiddling around with craft foam for the eagle shoulder piece, but is there a better material out there? I worry about sacrificing too much mobility if the structure is fragile.

2: I'm resin casting the PSI badge and belt buckle, but it's my first time doing so and I'm a little nervous. Any helpful hints?

3: What are the best ways to keep the armor attached to the shoulders? In my prototypes they've all been really top/side heavy and tend to pull around when I've done a walk test. For the base I've got a simple black leather-look jumpsuit but I'm hesitant to pin anything to it because the material isn't very thick.

If anyone has any advice, tutorials, or help of any kind I'd really appreciate it!
Thank you so much and have a proptastic afternoon.
1. I've been researching as well (also doing a street judge build), I've seen someone using hocky pads for the shoulder pieces and just attach foamies on top (like the eagle pattern).

2. I'm making my badge out of foamies, then using a sealer on top and just painting. Seems simple enough.

3. I'm not that far yet, but I would like to know this as well ahead of time just in case lol.
Hi, best of luck with this. Great fun build.

Mine's on here somewhere under Street Judge WIP, bit of detail on foam armour and fixing.

Hope it helps
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