Judge Dredd ABC warrior references


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Oota, long time away from this, nice to see you're still working on it. I'm also still working on it but had a stumbling block with the head, thankfully I got a 3D printer, found a file on thingiverse.com and adjusted the size to what I needed and now I am back at it again. Still need the paint this thing and hopefully I'll get that done soon.lol

oota goota

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Hey Smoke nice to hear from you again. Your robot still looks amazing it just gets better with age! I really like the way the 'chasis' of you robot looks so much like the film prop you've done a really nice job

Yeah you're right the warrior definitely sticks around not the kind of project that gets abandoned weirdly enough :)

Thanks for posting pics and helping motivate fellow ABC builders ok I mean me.


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Wow, this thread on an actual lifesize replica of an ABC warrior, pure excellent. I plan to build one too for my collection, a mixture of fibreglass, scrap metal and 3D printed parts. I want to do a whole display, with Judge Dredd, a replica Lawmaster too. A separate project is the City Cab, using a Land Rover 101 chassis, (just like the filmmakers did, here in the UK). Seeing this thread has inspired me, never give up on your dreams, well done, keep up the excellent work.
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oota goota

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Do it Luv4film :) There are some awesome reference pics out there now thanks to both original props being up for auction recently (ish). We got some really valuable references there especially the back of the robot.

Still the 1/9th scale kitset is very useful and as fair as i can tell quite accurate. I just measured off the model and multiplied it up 9 times.

Had my robot standing up recently in preparation for the long awaited armature. Including the head he came in about 2.4 meters which looks right to me. I am still planning a stand up/ sit version otherwise I wont be able to see the top once he's done :)

Make sure you update us when/ if you start. I think I'm on year 11 of my build ha ha no hurry.....


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Yeah, I hear you, Oot. I've got a nearly completed pepakura head and parically completed 3D printed head, both awaiting completion. And there's no hurry - cos it's just a hobby... Right? It's just a hobby?

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