Judge Anderson recruitment style poster art


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Hey everyone! Thought I'd share my Judge Anderson fanart here. Click on the image for a larger picture.

I wanted to make a uniform that is a hybrid of the comic and 2012 film.

Olivia Thirlby was an amazing Anderson so there was no other face I'd rather use!

A lot of things inspired this! From Leyendecker to the old recruitment posters, and to the art deco eagle on the post office in New York.

I'll be posting an interest thread for prints later on. Hopefully that will help me fund my Anderson build!

Hope you guys like it!


All painted in Adobe Photoshop CC

Credits to (with approval for print runs)
PSI badge design by Sean Cho
Justice Dept seal by YenChih Lin
Absolutely brilliant work. I'd love for the uniform to look like that in the next film (if there is one!)
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