JTM's Mk 3 Ironman Foam Build


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So after working on this for quite some time it is nearing completion and so i decided to finally start a thread, here's what i have so far :)





Comments, questions, and critiques are welcomed


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Thank you, yeah i should, though i'll need to find somebody to take the picture :)

well get on that LOL

and what would really finish out your suit would be to get craft foam and make all the joint covers for like the arms, back of knees, and upper thighs!



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I actually have covers for them already, though that would be cool. Mine just aren't attached yet, but they will be soon :D mine are stretchy red fabric with lines on them


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Sorry no suit up pictures tonight :( i got distracted working on my helmet



This is not the final paint, this was sort of a test on how smooth it is, it still needs some work as you can tell. Though it is getting close :D


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it looks so much like my foam build but with better foam and a better paint job lol.
and what else? uh...just better :)

oh yeah...SUIT UP!


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@jwstroud84: thanks!
@everybody: I got the thigh plates, hip pods, hand guards, knee joints, and ear mold done today :D now i just need the shoes and to cut the back of my helmet off to get my head in. I already have magnets!

Oh and

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