JRX Ben Kenobi Bust

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Letting go of my JRX Ben Kenobi Bust... Purchased this bust as a raw cast on the RPF over a decade ago. It was painted and finished by me. Asking $900 shipped anywhere is the con US... International shipping qould be extra and need to be quoted separately. Shoot me a message if interested...

Kenobi Bust_0005_6.jpg


  • Kenobi Bust_0000_1.jpg
    Kenobi Bust_0000_1.jpg
    2.3 MB · Views: 1,283
  • Kenobi Bust_0003_4.jpg
    Kenobi Bust_0003_4.jpg
    2.2 MB · Views: 606
  • Kenobi Bust_0002_3.jpg
    Kenobi Bust_0002_3.jpg
    2.6 MB · Views: 186
  • Kenobi Bust_0001_2.jpg
    Kenobi Bust_0001_2.jpg
    2.6 MB · Views: 240
  • Kenobi Bust_0004_5.jpg
    Kenobi Bust_0004_5.jpg
    2.4 MB · Views: 2,935
  • Kenobi Bust_0006_7.jpg
    Kenobi Bust_0006_7.jpg
    1.6 MB · Views: 43
  • Kenobi Bust_0007_8.jpg
    Kenobi Bust_0007_8.jpg
    1.7 MB · Views: 35

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