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    After TRYING to do some research on my own I'm feeling very much like a newbie! And very OLD!!! :$

    I have 3 "EL ready" sabers that I'd like to add electronics to, but have no idea where to go nowadays or who to buy from... Any suggestions? Reviews?

    I like what I've seen on JQSabers, but I'm sure there are other options.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. jedimarkj

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    Hi Roman, really great to see you around!
    I'm not well versed on this subject and you are likely aware of this already but the FX Sabers Forums would be a great go-to: FX-Sabers.com - Index

    ps. on an unrelated note, ever consider setting up shop again for your (Obi saber) parts? ;) :D
  3. Romans Empire

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    Hey Mark!

    It's good to be back around the hobby!

    Thanks for the link. I thought perhaps the FX saber site was just a gallery for the plastic sabers I see on eBay. :facepalm

    As for the OB1 parts, I don't know. Maybe. I recently cleared out some new/old stock OB1 parts on eBay and they were gone fast. So if there is still need, well, perhaps. It would be nice to contribute to the hobby again.

    Thanks for the info! I'll go register over there and start asking newbie questions!! :behave
  4. Ull Dar Borealis

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  5. Romans Empire

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    Thank you!

    Any positive or negative experiences would be helpful, too. Because I am feeling very overwhelmed right now... :confused

  6. shenphong

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    Avoid Ultrasabers like the plague right now. They are going through a whole mess of trouble that is not worth your time at the moment.
  7. jedimarkj

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    Dear Roman, I really don't mean to go further off topic but I think there definitely is still a demand for (your) Ob1 parts... The Obi saber and building one's own is still just as popular as when you closed shop all those years ago.
    I really do miss your store and your readily available parts. I dislike having to wait months or years on end for a parts run in order to finish or build up an Obi saber(s) or to acquire say a replica graflex clamp or bubble strips. I don't think I'm alone in this feeling.

    So I do hope that you consider once again setting up your shop.

    To bring things back on topic, I do wish you the best of luck wih building up your FX sabers! :)
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  8. Jm419

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    That's right; Ultrasabers is in a real mess right now. No reason to get involved over there.

    TCSS is a safe bet for sure. So's JQ, but they've had some computer issues lately - but you couldn't find two nicer folks. Stay away from Parksabers, and Saberforge has had some sale-related issues (scams) in the past, but from what I understand, he's trying to make that up to the community now.

    Fx-Sabers is the go to place for lightsabers. They know all you'll need. ;)
  9. Onli Won Kanomi

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    I remember your parts and think there would be a market if you choose to offer them again.

    You mention EL ready sabers so I'm not sure if you are wanting to add sound to EL lighting technology you already have on hand or have empty EL sabers you want to add light and sound to? If the former there are pro sabersmiths @ FX-Sabers "SABER Guild" who could probably steer you in the right direction, personally I dont have much EL exp.

    I assume you know that the illuminated saber building hobby has generally replaced EL and LED-string technology with single in-hilt high power LEDS and for upgrading old sabers to such, if that is your intention, I would highly recommend TCSS [The Custom Saber Shop] which has a wide selection of electronic parts for building illuminated sabers including the excellent Petit Crouton sound/LED driver board designed by Plecter Labs who also make the top-rated Crystal Focus Saber Core sound/LED driver board.

    Using either of those to drive a quad-emitter LEDEngin 10W LED one can now build illuminated sabers far far brighter than EL with movie-like flash-on-clash and other lighting effects and customizable soundfonts...we've come a long way in recent years.

    Best of luck finding what you need and MTFBWY
  10. Romans Empire

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    Awesome, awesome!!

    Thanks guys! You too, Mark! :)

    OWK, thanks for the very informative reply! EL and string LEDs are on their way out. Good to know... so now I can stop messing with those. And now I know what the heck TCSS is!!! I had NO CLUE! :facepalm

    My sabers are simply hollow, and need good electronics installed. I've already checked out TCSS, and wow, where to start... yikes!

    Thanks a million, guys!!!

  11. erv

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    adding Vader's Vault, Genesis Custom Sabers, LDM custom sabers (among others).
    There's also Jango (on the Fx-sabers forums) who specialized in electronic installs and conversions.

    also check out the mining colony over the fx-sabers forums. That's for service, if you'd need someone to install the electronics for you. For parts, TCSS is for sure your one stop shop !

    Good luck for your search !
  12. Sym-Cha

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    Hello there,

    Might I suggest you take a look at Slothfurnace his website. He still uses string leds
    in his magnificent lightsabers . . .


    So perhaps you want to reconsider before you throw your string leds out altogether!

  13. slothfurnace

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    Aw thanks Chaim,

    Yeah, Roman, LED Strings can be pretty awesome, done right, just keep that option in the box o' consideration.

  14. E-Wan

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    I'll second LDM Custom Sabers - top bloke and I believe he's a member here too.
  15. Robiwon

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    New and upcoming site. Lots of good stuff going there without all the drama of some of the other sites. If you don't know the rules of FX inside and out and post the wrong thing, you will be sorry!

    Imperial Royal Arms - Home
  16. Jack T Chance

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    *, that sucks. Had my eye on one of his. What's going on?!? :confused
    Speaking only for myself, and I am unanimous in this...

    I'm a member of the ORIGINAL Star Wars Generation (I was not quite 5 in May of 1977) and I've been a part of online Star Wars fandom for well over a decade, including the costuming and prop replicas side of fandom... I've known many SW fans that have had nothing but GOOD experiences with Jeff Parks and his business, which is, after all, pretty much the oldest continuously operating maker of high-end lightsaber prop replicas. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one from him myself, if I had the money for it. :cool
  17. Robiwon

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    I have only had good dealings with both Parks and Ultra, but that was years ago. I'm not sure about Ultra's new soundboard. Seems it might need a bit more R&D. Some of his hilts look pretty good. His Guardian is nice but quite long at 13 inches. It wasn't meant to be an exact replica so you can look past it.

    Parks sadly is a generation or two behind in saber tech. He only recently got into string LED blades and they still don't have sound. If you have access to a machine shop, and I know you do, the hilts can be bored out for more modern electronic instalations.
  18. Caine Drathul

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    Really? I don't see that at all. Why bash a site and steer others away just because you don't like it personally?

    Just sayin'....
  19. Robiwon

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    He asked what was out there. I gave my personal opinion based on what I have experienced at all the sites I mentioned. I added a link to the IRA because it had not been mentioned yet in this thread.

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