"Journal of the Whills" Blu-Ray box set design

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    Apologies in advance if this post is inappropriate for the forum (both in that this is just a drawing and only partially-related to prop-building), but a friend recommend I post this to the RPF, and so away we go:

    A few months ago I got to thinking about what the ideal archival box sets for various film series might look like, and being a die-hard Star Wars nut, I thought I'd sketch out a rough take on the kind of ultimate 9-film Star Wars set I'd that folks might like to own and to pass down to their kids.

    Now that physical media is going the way of the dodo (to say nothing of how the soundtrack CDs that would be included in this set are already wildly outdated), a set like this would absolutely *have* to have streaming/downloadable versions of all its contents available to anyone who purchases it, but it would be ideal to have the best physical versions of the content available as well in case any of that cloud-based content goes *poof* someday.

    Of course, that's assuming anything like this would ever be mass-produced by Disney (which would be pretty damned unlikely) though I'd imagine some enterprising RPFers wouldn't mind bashing together something like this for themselves for fun.

    star wars box set 3.jpg star wars box set 4.jpg star wars box set 5.jpg star wars box set 6.jpg star wars box set 2.jpg star wars box set 1.jpg View attachment star wars box set 3.psd

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    I truly love this idea ... just one comment ... make the chest and content appear a little more weathered ... since it's a story from a long, long time ago ... and welcome aboard :)

    Also you do mention Episodes VII - XII in your text, since there were originally 12 episodes planned . . . you'll need room for one more trilogy box set containing Episodes X - XII :wacko

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    it would be cool if it was the same box that obi wan got Anakin's lightsaber out of in A New Hope.
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    You read my mind.
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    You all have got to go to the link in his post. Click on the top of the page where it says "* Kaboom". The trading cards signed by Mark H. are hilarious!
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