Jonny quest - cool version of opening titles

Mola Rob

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Okay that is just plain awesome. Great animation. Jonny Quest is one of my favorite shows (original series only) and stuff like this makes me feel all geeky again.


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THAT IS TOO FRAKING COOL! I must have watched it a dozen times this morning. Now I have to break out my JQ DVD set.

I tried to leave a comment on his page but he disabled comments. I wanted to thank Roger and his team for making that. And ask him if The Jetsons were in his future.
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Alan Cross

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Oh my God, the Jetsons! He HAS to do the Jetsons! And maybe Space Ghost too. God, if only he could make money with the end product... but I'm not sure where he'd sell something like this... Maybe cartoon network? They use (or at least USED to use) models of Jonny Quest characters during their promos.


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Re: Claymation Jonny Quest opener, Awesome!

Claymation™ is a trademark of Will Vinton Studios and only applies to their works.

(ducks :):angel:p)


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Re: If you're a Jonney Quest Fan....

And if you're a REAL JQ fan you'll notice I mispelled Jonny in the thread title...LOL

division 6

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Re: If you're a Jonney Quest Fan....

Sorry but it's been posted a couple times already.:behave

Beat me to it.

The Keeper

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Re: If you're a Jonney Quest Fan....

I thought it was a Joanie loves Chachi Quest! :unsure Now thats an idea for a new movie right there.