Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell TV-series


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So, BBC1 has made a seven-part TV-series of the Susanna Clark book "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell". Three episodes has aired so far and it looks really good. Perhaps not as epic as the book but very well acted and beautiful production design.

Has anyone seen it?

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Just finished watching the last part. I read the book a number of years ago, and felt like the miniseries did a fantastic job. Amazing adaptation and beautiful production design. I would love to have a prop copy of Mr. Strange's book!


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Yes they certainly did a superb job, the production values were excellent. Some of it was shot not too far from me. I actually went back and finished that door stopper of a book after watching it. I only hope they now start production on the "Rivers Of London" soon.


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My husband and I quite enjoyed the first three parts but for some reason the other four episodes didn't record on our dvr. I'll have to hunt them down so we can finish the story.


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Had the same problem with the DVR here. For whatever reason, it didn't recognize all the episodes as parts of a single series. I hit record series on E1, it skipped 2. I hit series again and 3, and got 3 and 4, but not 5 and 6.


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In theory it was good series, but it was actually kind of boring. They should have made at least ten episodes, the short playing time didn't make the book justice. It seemed rushed and without a clear purpose.
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