Joker's funny money from the parade in 1989 Batman


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I can't find any reference of the counterfeit money that Joker (Jack Nicholson) was passing out at the Centennial parade right before he released the Smilex. I can't find anything on eBay or Etsy either. Am I hunting for the wrong thing? Any search for "Joker + Money" only results in burnt money from the Heath Ledger Joker in Dark Knight Rises.

I widened my search and found this image on google. But this uses the updated $100 layout introduced in 1996.

Anyone have a printable? I guess at this point I could try making these myself, I'm doing a Batman prop photoshoot, I'm not looking to sell them. But I didn't want to re-design the wheel if someone else has put it togther.

Not close ups, but it does give you some idea of what the layout should be

Here's a better photo of some of the same kind of prop money from my collection. This design was made by Earl Hays Press and was used in ALMOST EVERYTHING in the 1970s and 1980s. If you find someone selling this type of original prop money for an inflated price with a claim that it was used in ANY specific production, be sure that there is solid documentation from a reliable source to back up their story. They made tons of this stuff in all denominations, and dishonest or misinformed sellers frequently misrepresent these bills.

EHP Prop $100.jpg

Topps Batman 1989 Card 137.jpg

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