Joker Sculpt


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hey, I've been a lurker on here for a long time and figured I'd finally post something I'm working on. I cosplay the Joker a lot and one of the things i like to do when portraying him is sfx makeup. this is a sculpt i am working on for a silicone prosthetic to be used in a mini fan film project. any critique would be awesome, i plan on casting and molding it here in the next few days when i get the time. IMG_1312.JPG
ill upload some better pics later this evening when i get the chance and hopefully figure out how to orient them properly.


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hey everyone, sorry for a lack of any update or pics. went to mold the sculpt the other day and after the plaster had set, I was prying the positive sculpt out of the mold negative and disaster!!! the mold cracked in half. >< so now I am back to square one, having to re-sculpt the piece and then re-mold. :/ here's hoping to a better round two as well as actually taking some progress pics to post up here! might change up the sculpt as well, turn it into a multi-piece appliance instead of one piece. what are your thoughts on that, any one with any experience on working with silicone prosthesis?
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