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    I'm taking a stage makeup class, and today we were going to do celebrity look alikes or some type of character. I was going to do Taylor Kitsch because I think we look pretty similar.





    Anyways, I started looking at things as the class went on and decided to do the TKD version of the Joker.

    I thought it turned out pretty decently all be it not 100% accurate, I would have needed more supplies and time to get it just right, but it turned out pretty well.




    Now I have the Ben Nye makeup kit, which is required for our class. So first I started off with the scars; using morticians wax I made them a rough shape of what I wanted them to look like, then I used spirit glue to adhere them to my lovely face. After that I took and blended the edges into my face to make it look semi smooth, then I took and used a flat edge (knife) to make the scars look textured. I don't recommend using a knife... That's a stupid thing to use on your face unless you want permanent Joker scars.

    Then I took and applied white foundation to my face... Here's the trick... scrunch your face up and make it so that the makeup doesn't go on evenly. You want to have spots that aren't covered and aren't perfect. Gives the look a more psychotic feel.

    Then I did the eyes with black creme makeup... Once again scrunch your face and make it look bad. Rub your eyes do whatever you have to do so that the makeup doesn't look nice and clean.

    Then I did the lips... Bad thing about the morticians wax is the red color showed up much brighter than I wanted. So I'm not sure how to fix that.

    Then I looked at it, and it looked really clean and not quite right... so I took a purple color and put in lines then blended them to my face with my finger... gave it a more dirty worn out look.

    So there you have it, quick Joker makeup.

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