Joker cards from movies/animes/tv shows..


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Hi everyone !

I try to collect ALL joker cards from movies, tv show and other ..

I made a doc file, with all media (except comics) where the Joker appears and take screenshots of the cards.

i need your help to find scans or maybe your talents for redraw cards..

For exemple :

- In the TV Show « Crisis on Infinite Earths » you can see this card


- In the Anime « batman Vs Ninja Turtle » you can see this card


i hope you will be interested by this project!

PS : Im sorry for my English, i try to do my best without using a translator :)


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Hey !
As you see, a lot of people are interested x)

No, seriously, i found a lot of live action joker cards

- batman 1989 - 1 card
- the dark knight - 50+ cards
- justice league snyder cut - 1 card
- suicide squad - 1 card
- gotham ( tv show ) 2 cards + 1 card for the back
- some cards from the animated serie, games or comics .

There is 3-4 cards i cant found from others tv shows like batwoman, or titans. I hope find those a day ! :)


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Until today, there was only one post in the thread. Sometimes a thread will get lost in the shuffle, if someone doesn't respond to it and keep it in the current section of theRPF. Every time someone responds, it gets bumped back to the top of the list.

You can respond to your own post at a later date, to bump it back to the top, and maybe more people will see it.

If you want someone to do some work and recreate the cards, there is a "want to buy" in the classifieds section to hire someone.
You could also post all the images you found, here, and see if someone wants to help you for free.

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