Joker and Harley cosplays, pile of props


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I had posted a lot of questions to finish these, so I thought I'd show what we had.


The body suit she made from two suits, and made the cuffs and collar by hand.


The suit, vest, shirt, tie, and spats were all new online, not much modification. The jacket was a vintage red coat that we dyed. We also changed the buttons on the suit, which you can't see, but are small playing card suites.


The props that are mostly stock are the crowbar and the tommy gun. The crowbar is foam, and broke, needing repair. The tommy gun is a broken airsoft and we fabricated the drum.


The hammer is around 30 pounds and comes apart. I asked a lot of questions about this, but ended up doing something very different because most of what was suggested was too heavy or not possible, as it wouldn't hold it's own weight. The hammer took a month and a halfish and comes apart to fit through doors or travel.


Between her broken leg and heels, I am very proud she carried and posed with the hammer.

The bang gun took about a month, between altering a found item, sanding, changing the position of the hammer to match the gun in the Animated Series, and filling it.

gWTESxo.jpg mad_love_by_spiedyfan-d35yld1.png

The barrel length is shown longer in the comic.

The bang gun is also a modified airsoft gun, and functions.

The 1989 Joker long revolver is a modified airsoft with a aluminum rod tapped through it.

We also painted a rubber fish.

The most stressful part of my costume was the smoking lapel. Got a lot of terse responses from several communities while trying to figure it out. It smokes. I would like to make the smoke more dense sometime.



And to everyone who told us that the lapel or hammer would not be possible.

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You both look great. That hammer is so massive! I'm surprised it does not fall off the handle. And well done on the smoking lapel! I'm sure it was a great effect in person.
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