Joints Too Loose !

carpe noctem

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hey guys, i search for a previous topic concerning this but couldn't fing any,,, i have few neca pred figures and they dont seem to stay standing.. i made some stands but the ankle and knee joints are too loose so i find them leaning the next day,, other than gluing them, anyone has a quick fix for for me......thank you!! i found answers on how to make them loose but not on stiffing them....


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Hey Big Bro......

cut out a small piece from a Battery pack cardstock and wedge it in the joint...
that way you can still have mobility and have strong and firm joints.....

carpe noctem

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@Yautja1203,, my problem is simply, their joints are a bit loose so whenever i stand them , they fall, i made stands where a 1/4 inch rod sticks up but i find them leaning either forward or backwards... ... i check on internet too and they recomend using clear nail polish on joints to stiff them up a bit.... i probably try it... thanks guys !!!


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You could also use a small amount of super glue to tighten the joint. Just make sure not to glue the joint together. It's tricky but can be done.


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Yeah super glue works! Just dettach the joint with hot water or a hair dryer, put a blob of glue on the joint and reattach it together...move the joint around untill it goes stiff. Works everytime but be careful!
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