Johnnymuffintop's General Pepakura Thread


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First up, wanted to show off a work in progress on something I've been trying to do for a while. Finally got the model usable for Pepakura, then as I started I was told that I had an event I needed to wear it to 22 hours later. This is where I was at the time of that deadline:
Still a bit of work to do, which will be over this weekend.

Secondly, here's a couple of helmet I've been working on.
Skyrim Daedric Helmet: Download on my Deviantart
The unfold is a little messy, but someone requested it on /po/ so I did it in a rush.
Marvel vs Capcom Iron Man (Extremis) Helmet: Download on my Deviantart


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Nice i've downloaded the ironman,i'll give it ago when time permits.Can you make a Rogue Trooper helmet