Johnny Cash


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I thought it would fit here as entertainment, the Johnny Cash Autobiography.
I started reading it last night and it's so good. He seemed like such a nice person and really lived a life full of good and bad experiences.
Has anyone else read that book?

I've been listening to Cash for as long as I can remember, as my father thought that he should pass his taste of music on to his sons :p and I still love his music.

I know this is way off from the usual stuff discussed in this forum but I just had to write my thoughts down somewhere :)

Now it's time for me to go to bed, nighty night people of the rpf :)



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I've never read his biography, but I've been listening to Johnny Cash for as long as I can remember. His music has the ability to transcend the "I hate country songs" line-of-thinking, & he was/is pure old-school awesome.

We even had his Christmas CD playing during the holidays. :thumbsup


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I love everything Johnny Cash, that why all my friends started calling me Jason Cash. I have Johnny's autobiography, also have 3 other books about him. I have all but maybe 2 albums of his as well. I still can't watch the "Hurt" video without crying like a baby.


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My aunt and uncle had June Carter stop by their antique store once, said she was as nice as could be.

If you want to see a good movie, hunt down a copy of "Murder in Coweta County" starring Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith, and based on a true story. The coolest thing is the casting: Cash is the sheriff, Griffith is the bad guy, and it works really well.

cayman shen

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It's in my school's library and I've checked it out twice, but something else always came up and distracted me for some reason. It's on my "to do" list of music bios for sure though.


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I have read it two times and read parts of it several times. Johnny Cash's Folsom album is the first record, (yes a real, round,disk type, lol) i remember playing by myself. I was maybe 7 or 8 and here it is 34 + years later and I still love Cash. Now my 10 year old son is the same. The man had lots of ups and downs, not always perfect but lived his life right and I am sure and look forward to meeting him when I get to the other side.


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I've not read his bio but will add it to my Amazon wish list.
Glad to read there is a continued appreciation of Johnny Cash!
I was born and raised in Queens, N.Y. My dad loved country music and passed along his tastes to me. Been listening to The Man in Black since I was kid.
As an adult with a 17 year old guitar pickin' son you can be sure he knows who Cash is!
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