Limited Run John Wick High Table Adjudicator Medallion Coin


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Limited to a run of 70 pieces
1) one Medallion Coin at 2 inches/ 50.8mm (diameter) approximately
2) Real metal (die cast) not some plastic from a 3D print.
3) Made with Enammel and Gold Plated

1 at USD22.99 with postage
2 at USD41.99 with postage

Thank you




1) mtrxman (One piece, payment received, Shipped)
2) RhinoActual (2 pieces, payment received, Shipped)
3) Eurojunkman (awaiting payment)
4) The Pawn (2 pieces, payment received, Shipped)
5) Dakota (awaiting payment)
6) Dboz (one piece, payment received, Shipped)
7) Darth Clayton (one piece, payment received, Shipped)
8) Kamakazykid (one piece, awaiting payment)
9) Tuckanator (one piece, payment received, shipped)
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Are these ready to ship? I'll take one, and will combine my payment with the blood oath marker..

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