John Wayne El Dorado Holster

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    Hello All,

    I dont see much western stuff on here but I thought I would post this anyway. I had a customer ask for a traditional western style money belt and so I purchased wIll Ghormley's John Wayne holster pattern for the cartridge/money belt pattern thinking the holster patterns were going to be useful later.

    I liked the pattern so much I decided to make the John Wayne belt from the film El Dorado. Instead of making the "well worn" on screen version, I constructed Will's pattern for a brand new belt/holster rig since I figured more people would like the traditional version rather than the screen-used version.

    I am almost finished with the belt. All that is left is to trim and burnish the edges and add the loop to go over the hammer. I havent been working with leather as long as some others have and this was my first "cowboy" rig. I think maybe the next project will be a screen accurate version.


    This is the overall belt designed to fit a Colt SAA "Peacemaker". The loops have several .45 long colt cartridges in them already.

    My belt

    Screen Used belt

    The difference with the belts is the chape (where the buckle attaches) and billet (the buckle holes) are. As you can see on my belt I went with a more traditional version. In the "On-Screen" version seen below, you can see that the cartridge belt tapers and is then laced onto the billet. Will covers what he suspects are the reasons for this on his website.


    Once I trim and burnish the edges, I think it will have that "finished" look. I've grown so fond of it I might not want to let it go!
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    Here is another shot of that belt

    El Dorado belt​

    You are probably aware that the belt that you show but did but not copy, may have been worn by John Wayne in El Dorado but the holster that you made is a copy of is one used in eighteen films mostly with a money belt..

    See: Gun belt worn in El Dorado

    See: STEMBRIDGE Gun Rental inc.
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    Thats looking pretty good mississippi :)

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