John Hammond's Cane build (again!)


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Well I know this one pops up quite a lot so my apologies if you're sick of it! :$
I was quite proud of the end result so I thought i'd share the building process with you all.

First off I sources a picture of the cane in full and traced it's outline in Rhino CAD before laser cutting it in acrylic.
I next threw together a makeshift 'Claythe' to turn clay smothered dowel into the laser cut silhouette like so-

A few turns later and before you know it you've pretty much made the bulk of the cane in 30 minutes!
After adding some texture, a few nicks and some weathering I proceeded to mould it. I was feeling a little lazy so I actually used some waste pipe as my mould jacket by cutting it in two and drilling some locator holes into it before taping it back together and putting it over the cane. (you can see the pipe in the background of the 3rd pic) I then poured silicone into the top and took my first cast!
IMG_1354.JPG IMG_1353.JPG IMG_1355.JPG

Now the tricky part, the amber! I refused to use an egg mould because I felt it wasn't organic enough and really not the right shape, nor did I want to sculpt it because it would take forever to polish imperfections out of the resin pull. Fortunately I happened upon a little gem whilst enjoying a day out in Swanage. A little seaside shop was selling polished pebbles and on the top right there was an almost perfectly sized stone! It was a little ill-formed and nicely organic and for £2 I couldn't argue!
It was, unfortunately missing the 'flat side' of the film version but upon inspection when I got home, it was almost the exact dimensions of the original.

After making the silicone mould I was faced with my next problem: where to find a Crane fly in March?! Fortunately a quick hunt around my parents house proved fruitful when I found one in each of their living room wall light shades (much to my mum's embarrassment).
11063258_10205738713854559_945732520_n.jpg IMG_1357.JPG 11092719_10205756714144555_1751939431_n.jpg

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the raw cast of the cane so without further ado- the finished cane! (with thanks to Rylo, how could one possibly not be inspired by his beautiful display plaque!)
IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1374.JPG IMG_1386.JPG
Thanks for looking! I hope it wasn't too dull and you enjoyed seeing the processes as much as I enjoyed practicing them! :D
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