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Hello All! Didn't see this anywhere so I thought I'd post. I'm working on a John Carver cosplay from the new Thanksgiving movie. Seem pretty simple, but I need more references to be sure. But from the reference material I can find this is what I'm looking at.

The Mask
For this I am modeling the Halloween type mask and the bronze metal looking mask. It will be on my site when its done.

The Hat
Think I'm just going with one on Amazon I found. Unless I find another.
Hat on Amazon

The Gloves
From what I can see he is wearing short wrist gloves, which look pretty cool. His look shinier so I'll keep looking but these are it so far.
Milwaukee Leather SH887 Men's Black Short Wrist Deerskin Unlined Leather Gloves


The Face Mask
So it looks like he's also wearing a Balaclava Face Mask. This is a nice thin one and cheap.
Balaclava Face Mask


The Axe
Going to model the axe head and use a wooden handle from lowes

The Boots
Not sure about these. If I can't find them I'll probably just use my Michael Myers boots. UPDATE: This from another member. They are Bates Delta boots.

The Coveralls and Buttons
Still looking for this. Will probably just use a Dickies brand. There does seem to be a removed label maybe on the pocket. The buttons are custom, but I just modeled them. UPDATE: This from another user. They are black Red Kap overalls.

John_Carver_Thanksgiving copy.jpg
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A few pairs of the screen used coveralls just sold in the VIP Fan Auctions Thanksgiving Auction. They're black Red Kap twill action back coveralls. They dont have the buttons the movie poster ones do. The films costume designer mentioned on Twitter that the boots were Bates Delta. I'm trying to get all the info I can to put together a screen accurate one myself. The hat is frustrating me cause in the movie a lot of characters wear pilgrim hats similar to the one you posted but the one john Carver wears has a wider brim then all the rest shown
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Funny, I just found that auction. I did a reverse image search and thought the boots were Bates but wasn't sure so that's cool. Yeah, the hat is the problem. It's more than likely custom made. I'm modeling the buttons so if you need the files let me know.
OK, so here's an update. After going over the VIP Fan Auctions Thanksgiving Auction that Doc mentioned (thanks) I was able to land on these. The gloves are a guess, but are pretty darn close. Hat is the main issue, most have a really narrow brim, so still looking. :)

Coveralls - Black Red Kap

From VIP Auctions

GAP Black T-Shirt Under the Coveralls

From VIP Auctions


From VIP Auctions

I found these
HATCH Dura-Thin Search Duty or Guardia™ Police Search Gloves by Pratt and Hart

Apron - Doesn't wear it all the time but looks fun.


From VIP Auctions

I found this. Took a while. :p
Shuwekk Holiday Celebration Aprons for Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas, Kitchen Cooking Grilling Apron Bib Apron

Bates Men's Delta Side-Zip 8 Inch Uniform Boot
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Ok, this was cool. I reached out to the costume designer and she replied and then also posted it on her instagram. So here are the details. This is just perfect.

For all of you cosplayers who have asked for the details of the John Carver costume:
Coveralls …. Black cotton “Red Kap”
Boots .. Black “Bates Delta”
Hat … black felt custom design by Leslie Kavanagh built by @tamararigbyfunke
Gloves... black leather RavenX (no cuff , 3 line stitching detail)
Sweats … “Denver Hayes” L/S black crew neck sweat shirt & matching sweat pants
Balaclava… thin black tactical
Mask… custom design by production designer @mihaichuk
Thanks for the info. Here's there JC cosplay I'm working on, but I really need the correct hat


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thanks for all infos. I'm in contact with Leslie Kavanagh to make a replica.
do you have link for exact gloves ? gap tee shirt?
is he wearing sweater under coverall ? interesting
thanks for all infos. I'm in contact with Leslie Kavanagh to make a replica.
do you have link for exact gloves ? gap tee shirt?
is he wearing sweater under coverall ? interesting

I will be following this topic. I am planning to make this costume for my granddaughter for Halloween.

This is where the gloves came from. The other stuff I am not sure.
i contacted Leslie Kavanagh to make one for me. She was available to do it. i think i was lucky enough cause i don't think she will repeat it
I've tried contacting Leslie through instagram, just to see if she could answer questions about Newlon's sheriff jacket and flair. I've had no luck. Is there any other means of contacting her?

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