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John Carter: Sab Than 9th ray sword

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by AvZ, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Probably my first post on theRPF other then PM's, but hopefully I start with a bang.

    Last year I was able to buy my first John Carter prop, a 9th ray sword from John Carter. I was making all kinds of display designs and this was the last one I made. I'm going to make a weapon wall now, but I still liked my design and it gives context.

    Zorg Ltd made weapons for John Carter, so perhaps these swords as well. Mine is damaged. There is a rumor Disney ordered all weapons to be broken before they were let go. So the damage on mine may be from production or some devious Disney mind. Then again, there is an undamaged hero Helium sword in collector's who knows. I realy love this piece. It's made out of several layers, so for display I'm probably going to put LED's behind it to light it up.

    They made several of these aluminium 9th ray swords. There is an incomplete one that is missing the top, and the owner of that piece and I compared notes (sharing with permission) . Putting the sides through PS showed me that ours are different...and not so different. The blade sides are mirrored (bent in the opposite direction). Our handles don't match. Where mine (A2) matches with the handle and blade of a sword Disney had on a launch party, the other one (M2) matches with the handle of the stunt hilt (from a deleted scene). With our mirror-matches in the blades and non-matching handles it seems that the handles and blades were separate pieces that were married during fabrication.

    Apart from looking for JC props/art etc I'd love to find out more about these pieces. How many were made, CNC'ed (?) etc. or any other info on the making of John Carter props, designs...


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    Wow! Great score!
  3. AvZ

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    Thanks, much appreciated!
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    Very cool.
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    Wow, stumbled across this on my yearly visit to rpf. Brings back memories.

    I made these for John Carter. They were made in three parts - the top and bottom layer which were cnc'd in aluminium with no holes. Then there was a flat middle layer sandwiched between the two if I remember rightly. Then we painted/masked off the 'holey' design and acid etched the aluminium in a tank until it ate through to the other side of the metal. We then had to dremel/clean up the edges which took some time then joined them all together. I think we made two metal long versions like the one you have, a couple of rubber versions and we also made two 'dagger' versions sets that were about 2/3rds the size of the sword version. If you look on my website - in the portfolio/concept section there is actually the original concept I did for the whole thern idea which we then turned into that sword.

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    Thanks for your post and the information, exactly what I was looking for.

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