John Carpenter’s Mutant Chronicles. Mutant Head.

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I bought this from Prop Store London for a short film project which required a movie-quality dead alien. Thanks to pandemic delays that project is now also dead so... This is a mutant head made for the late 1990's unfinished film ‘John Carpenter's Mutant Chronicles’ which sadly didn't get beyond pre-production. This resin head has a mutant/alien look to it with tiny pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes. The head is hollow and made from tan coloured resin. It measures 40cm x 22cm (15.75" x 8.75").

The Mutant Chronicles universe started in the strategic board game 'Siege of the Citadel' which was released many years ago. It spawned novels, board-games, rpg's and video games and so a movie seemed like a good bet for Hollywood. John Carpenter was set to direct but told the studio to go screw themselves because he said it would suck with the tiny budget they proposed for the project. Carpenter then went on to make Ghosts of Mars, which is similar in premise but not as huge in scale as the five lords of hell being unleashed on the solar system to ravage it with undead biomechanical demon hordes. A Mutant Chronicles film was eventually made, in 2008, under the direction of Simon Hunter and starring Thomas Jayne, Ron Perlman and John Malkovitch.

Price : £225.00 (+postage because it’s big)
Overseas buyers - I will mark this as ‘gift’ on customs declaration but I cannot be responsible for any charges at your end.



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