Joe Hill talks about Rotten Tomatoes

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Vivek, Aug 27, 2015.

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    Something Rotten — Medium
    Stephen King's son Joe Hill talks about the absurdity of Rotten Tomatoes. Give it a read.

    This is something I have been advocating for a while now, about discarding the flawed approach of quantifying art through numbers.
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    The purist in me says that, in truth, there is no such thing as "bad art" or "bad film."
    Every film represents a qualitative experience and, I must say that, I've gotten something out of everything I've ever seen.
    Film criticism would not exist if movies weren't lucrative.
    Part of me wants to have the innocence of a film viewer during the early days of movies (or modern films in 3rd world countries) where you saw whatever was showing. No trailers. No advanced screening reviews. No published box office stats. I feel those viewers enjoyed films much more than viewers do today on the first world.
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    You...can totally create that experience for yourself.

    Aside from a few pre-release images and names popping up here and there, I've remained totally ignorant of all things Ep. VII. I haven't seen the trailer, I don't know who the characters are or what roles they play, I know literally nothing about the story other than that the Empire still survives. I know the names of one planet and maybe 2-3 characters.

    And it's great! I'm gonna walk in, the text will scroll, and I'll experience the film tabula rasa.

    How'd I do it? By studiously avoiding all discussions where I knew it was being talked about, skipping all of the trailers, and otherwise refusing to open links to images or articles about the film. Easy peasey. Oh, and by not watching live TV -- I only stream/do on demand now.

    I've done most of the same for the Marvel films. In fact, the only films I've actively paid attention to are those where I wasn't that interested to begin with (e.g. DC's trainwrecks, and the Ghostbusters rehash). I'll probably only end up watching those movies on Netflix, if at all.

    I've found films to be far more enjoyable when I go in with zero expectations other than "This will probably be cool."

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