Jodo’s Girlfriend’s Costume Debut: Black Cat (Marvel)


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If you follow our commentary posts, you might know that my girlfriend is a nerd (and can be pretty funny). Over the last few months, she has talked about costumes a bit, and after seeing how much positive feedback my Mandalorian costume got at Halloween, she decided to start her first costume.

We had a one day ticket for St. Louis Fan Expo today, so that’s where she made her costume debut! She got most of the pieces off of Amazon, and we did some minor modifications to them, to look more like a combination of the source material. We also collect Black Cat stuff, so we had plenty of references.

The good news is that she enjoyed it enough to start planning a costume for next year already!

Before we added the additional fur:


The drive there:

Outside the con:


Inside on the red carpet:


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You, sir, are a lucky man. I'm happy that she's feeling the Cosplay vibe and I would say her Black Cat costume is a sure winner. Being able to share this hobby (within a relationship) is a blessing. Can't wait to see what you both come up with next


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She says thank you very much!!!

I know she was very anxious about doing this, but I’m hoping we can do more stuff together in the future!

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