Joaquin Phoenix "Joker" Costume Thread


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For all future inquiries.

Can anyone ID the mask or shirt? The mask might be custom

. j1.jpgj2.jpgj3.jpgj5.jpg


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I'm pretty sure the entire costume is custom.
Here a drawing I made of the coat, hope it's useful for someone.



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It's a little strange just how close this is to Ledger's joker. The hair, the messy dripping makeup, the shirt, the lapels on the jacket. Gotta say I like it though.

What color would you guys call the jacket? Burgundy?

Raphael Lima

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I'm currently working on this costume a few weeks now, actually it's my first time doing a full costume. I started doing a sculpt of Joaquin's face over a lifecast in hope on doing a prosthetic makeup, but here (Brazil) the materials are very expensive and almost impossible to find. So I think I will end up turning it in a mask. I bought a dark red fabric and a mostard one. For the shirt I have a old driver uniform that is light blue, I mixed a few colors of acrylic paint in a jar with water and window cleaner to thin it. The patterns on the shirt I'm planning on doing a small screenprint and stamp it in a random way. I'll try to discover how to attach pictures here via cellphone (I think it's my first time actually replying something or even posting in RPF).


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any thoughts on the specific types of fabric used on (for example) the shirt? My best guess would be a cotton jersey but I'm not sure...

Raphael Lima

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My jacket is almost done, and I'm working on a version of the mask smiling since I'm done sculpting the "neutral" expression (that I'll mainly use it for making a prosthetic for a gelatin makeup.) What are you guys thoughts on my progress until now? Any tips? (by the way thank you Blitzer, your drawing helped my GF a lot on sewing the jacket)

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Raphael Lima

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My home made prosthetic gelatin ended up being too fragile, idk what happened, maybe i messed up on the recipe. Anyway at least now i can see the sculpt painted. What are your thoughts about it? (Please ignore the messed paint job, as i said the gelatin was bad and didn't hold well the paint.)

I still going to try to make a latex mask of it. I also did a variant to this sculpt of him smiling, but i had to leave the mouth empty because of my life-cast underneath, that ended up being a good thing because now I have a use for my stock of fake teeth! HAHAHA Oh, I'm Also working on the mask he uses on that subway scene! But I was short in Plasticine, idk when I'll be able to buy more to finish it, but I'll... But tell me your thoughts about what you think about it so far. :)