JLA Trophy Room Bat-Cuffs?


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Does anyone own a pair? I'm looking into getting some, but the kicker is I want them to actually work. DCDirect's website says they don't open, but other websites say they do, so I'm curious as to which is correct. Could anyone who has them chime in with some insight? Thanks!!
The original model don't open ! But...........i have buyed on real pair of cuf on ebay, and i have modified the original bat cuf with it, and now it can be oppened and closed. But, it's an realy hard works.
I have opened the original and include the real one inside the dcdirect batcuff. Not easy because the dc direct version is snapped, and after you have included the new one, you need to make a new system to close the two sides.
Need to make new keys also. I have used two batman's cuff link from ebay and sold real cuff keys on this cuff link.

Do you want some pics ?
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