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Hi folks for those who have been following along in our conversion adventures we're now ready to offer a range of kits& finishes for the Detonator! including metal conversion kits (we have ordered 100 sets)

  • £7.00 - CAD/3D Files - Purchase Link Inbound in next day or two

Conversion/Accessories Kits:



Resin Cast Housing:
£35 - 2-Part Pressure Cast Resin (No Accessories)
£120 - FINISHED - Resin & Metal Replica with Electronics - CONTACT FOR WAITLIST

All Original Parts:
£100 - KIT - Complete Screen Accurate, Includes all required parts in an unassembled form (Original BUND, NKK Switch, Metal Accessories, Electronics Kit) - CONTACT FOR WAITLIST

Slot 1 - OPEN
Slot 2 - OPEN
Slot 3 - OPEN

The Full Combo:
£190 - FINISHED - Complete Screen Accurate, Original Found Parts (Metal Housing) - CONTACT FOR WAITLIST

Slot 1 - Timothy Harrison
Slot 2 - OPEN
Slot 3 - OPEN
Slot 4 - OPEN
Slot 5 - OPEN

If you're wondering about the price, this is less about the parts and more about the time involved to do the conversion itself it's labour intensive and at points delicate work, I've detailed my adventures over on the RPF if you decide to do your own conversion you can see the process more or less in full (conversion metal kit instructions will follow when they arrive)

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