JinRoh Build - Glowing Eyes

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Sisko4, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Sisko4

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    I am nearly finished with my JinRoh Build, Red Spectacles Version.

    The Helmet, Mask and Glasses are done.

    The only Things that left are the Hoses, the Y Connector for them and the most importand Part: Glowing Eyes.

    But i have no Idea with what Materials i should do this.

    I thought of SMD LEDs, but i need a smooth Lighting without Spots.

    The Place for the Light is small, about 3,5 to 3,8cm Diameter.

    And i must can wear it without getting blinded.

    The Power Source is not the Problem, the Cabels get trough the Hoses.

    Here is a Pic from 2 Casts that i made:

  2. terryr

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    Nice! Poeple are always loking for JinRoh stuff.

    Maybe red lenses would do the job. Or red reflective welding shield.
  3. Bruce Wayne

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    Maybe check out what the Ironman guys do for mounting LEDs in their helmets? The ones I've seen have a nice diffused light look to the lenses.
  4. Sisko4

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    I have already red Lenses installed, but i must find a Way to make them look like in the Movies or Anime.


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