Jingle all the Way Collection

HOLY MOLY I've been looking for those 12-inch figures for years now! Never seen any come up for auction though : /
Recently some Dementors have come up for sale, including the 6 inch figures. Keep an eye out and be patient! More are bound to come out of hiding.
Have seen a few Dementors come up from time to time... not a lot from this film. As I have said before, they look great :thumbsup
Thank you friend! Took me a few years to put it together. Can't believe next year is the 20th anniversary!
Love it! All I have is a signed Arnold Nickelodeon magazine (Jingle All The Way cover), Script, and unopened Walmart Turbo Man. I'd love some of the stuff you have. If you ever decide to part with it let me know!!!!
love your collection. been working on a poster for a screening of this film in December, i love it so much.

the only prop i have is the comic book that Jamie reads, mine doesn't have the gold foil on the lettering.
Great collection. That's the first time I've seen a Booster in private hands. I'll have to post up some of my collection.
Thanks guys I appreciate your comments. Booster was the hardest figure to find. Im sure more will surface.
This is all that I have at the moment (besides the store bought Turbo Man) I really want to add more to mine. Love your collection.

I now have 4 production items sir! Arnolds chest piece, royal blue demon team suit, carded 5 inch Dementor, and a script. DSC_1269.JPG
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