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Last Week i build a custom Jin Roh Pepakura Mask and Helmet, about 3 Days later i had the biggest Steps done.

This is my first Build, wich has Pictures from all Stages, from Beginning to the Final Replika.

As i said, the Pep File was a little custom, because it don´t look exactly like the Red Spectacles Version. This goes for booth Sides of it and the Air-Vents.
I´ve sealed them in the Bondo Stage.

I searched the whole Internet for Reference Pictures, but just found some low Quality Pictures, so i need to improve a little. Today i also buyed some Electronic Components from my favorite Store, very cheap Parts etc...

The Reference Pictures showed a Motherboard-Like System around the Googles, i think they are the Controls for the red Light or they should be.


If the final Build is perfect, i am going to mold it, so if someone is interessted in it, you can buy some. I don´t know if i am molding the Helmet too, it´s just a little custom German M42 WW2 Helmet. With Holes in it.

BTW....i don´t know how big this 5 Holes on each Side are, can someone help me with this?

Enough Talk, let the Pictures speak.

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