Jimmiroquai's 2015 Jun-Jul Sculpture Contest Entry


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Hi all! I thought i'd just throw my very amateur hat in the ring. I have some self-taught experience with sculpting starting with 1/6th scale in polymer and epoxy clay, then recently moved up to sculpting 1:1 scale Helmets and armor (2003 Microseries Clone armor). I'm currently working on sculpting the new TFA Stormtrooper helmet and armor which is in the Starwars costumes section. This side project is also on there, but rather than asking the mods to move it here with a new title, i thought i'd just start again.

My entry is 1:1 Darth Tyrannus / Count Dooku from Star Wars. This is my first time sculpting a face in 1:1 scale. I decided to go for a mix of Christopher Lee, the Microseries Dooku, and the more recent TCW Dooku. My style is a little bit more stylized than realistic portrait though. Medium is a friend's home made oil based clay. I hope to make this into my first latex / silicone mask as well.

Anyway, here are some WIP pic2:

And here he is more or less finished, though i may refine the hair, beard, and texture a bit more before the contest ends.

This build is also dedicated to the late, great Sir Christopher Lee, MTFBWYA.

Worked on refining the hair and beard, as well as added a bit more skin texture and wrinkles...





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Whoa! I really dig the style of this; nicely done! It has such a cool "classic" look to it. I could see a gladiator wearing something like this, back in the day.
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