Jim Henson's Labyrinth - My Collection (July 2022 Update: 13 hour Lantern Clock Build)


Here you go! Versions 1, 2, and 3, from left to right. I think version 1 is circa 2015 or so? And version 2 is from 2020. As mentioned the first two were made using styrofoam balls as the base, I struggled quite a bit with trying to get a cast metal look on the armour. My first two versions I kept going for the post-explosion version of this Goblin as that's the one that appears at the Centre for the Puppetry Arts exhibit, it was actually Zorg's thread that pointed out that before the cannon explodes this Goblin is quite a bit colourful, with what looks like gold/brass armour.

Thinking about it I used a lot of the same techniques for these guys, but I think I was able to refine the process bit by bit over the years. No more hand cutting foam if I can help it, now that I know my Cricut can handle the job I'm gonna be leaning into that as much as possible.

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Also thank you for the compliment on the paint job! That's definitely one of my kryptonite's so I'm thrilled to hear that I'm improving somewhat! It was just the typical base coat/acrylic washes, but I think taking the time to really try and perfect the colour of the wash helped sell the illusion of metal. Having acquired a few actual Brass items with patina really helped with that, super handy to have in person reference for the look I was going after!
The Cannonball Goblin is one of my favourite characters! Every time I revisit this thread there's something new and wonderful to see!


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Thank you to everyone who's commented recently, it makes my day to read your kind words! I feel like I'm just starting to feel confident about the quality of my prop builds so I really appreciate any kudos I receive.

Here's my most recent build, and current darling of my collection: The 13 hour Lantern Clock that appears at the end of the film, during Sarah and Jareth's final confrontation.


This particular clock gets precious little screen time, but thankfully we have a few decent reference photos of it thanks to a user on Twitter/Reddit who revealed that their Uncle owns the prop used in the film.

13 hour clock.png

To make my version of the clock, I started off with doing my best attempt at replicating the corner columns with some found objects. From left to right there's a wooden thimble, a mini baseball bat (With an o-ring to cover the seam), a sawed off candle stick (With another o-ring on the seam), and a wilton cake decorating column, cut down to size.


The main body of the clock was made by constructing a base of foam core with 1 inch insulation foam glued into the corners. I cut into the insulation foam to form divots that the columns could slot into, then I cut basswood trim and glued it around the columns/edges of the box. I used wood filler to fill in the gaps between the basswood trim and the columns, added some cut balsawood edging to the top and bottom edges, and then used some of those adhesive wall tiles cut to size to fit into the inset areas of the clock body (Excluding the front, that one is left plain to match the real prop).


The top and bottom pieces of the clock were made the same way, by gluing two sheets of bass wood together (With one slightly smaller than the other, to add a bit of detail). I drilled holes into the corners so I can eventually connect the top and bottom pieces to the main clock body with wood pins. The bottom piece of the clock got a trap door added to it because I'm going to use a clock mechanism for this build and I need to make sure I can still access the battery once it's all assembled. The bottom piece also got some wooden door knobs glued to it to act as the feet of the clock.


To create the straps on the top of the clock I used some EVA foam cut to shape and curved slightly with my heat gun. The edges of the foam will butt up against some decorative finials, I just glued some finials I got off Etsy into a few small discs I had in my craft supply and trimmed one side flat, which will be the side that butts against the EVA foam. I left one base uncut, for the top most finial.


The dome is just a plastic Christmas ornament I cut in half, with a bit of plastic I carved off the back of a hot wheels track glued onto the bottom to try and give the cut edge cleaner finish. The dome is held in place with this little wood pin I made (Out of a dowel and more round discs), which slots through an opening in the Christmas ornament into a hole I drilled into the top-most finial.


The fretwork I outsourced, I found someone on Etsy who offered laser wood cutting/engraving services so I sent them my design and they sent me four of these beauties back. The only thing I added was a small bit of wood to the back to help provide a more stable base for gluing.


The clock face was made by cutting a wood circle out of some basswood and gluing it to an embroidery hoop. My local craft store didn't have a thin wood round in the size I wanted so this was my way of getting around that. I cut a circle out of the basswood prior to gluing it onto the embroidery hoop, then glued that onto more foam core.


Here's how everything looked prior to priming/painting. The main components of the clock haven't been glued down for this photo, I saved that for after the priming/painting steps.


I used Filler Spray Primer to help smooth out some of the wood texture, sanding it between coats. My preferred gold spray paint is Rustoleum Specialty Metallic Gold, so I applied that and followed it up with some acrylic paint to try and age the clock a bit. I ended up adding some Pebeo Gilders Wax in the "Empire" shade, as I felt like I over did it a bit with the acrylic paint and wanted to bring some of the gold shine back. The EVA straps were primed with Plastidip, given a base coat of PlaidFX gold paint, then topped with "European Gold" Rub n'buff. The dome shape was primed with glossy black paint, sprayed with some silver spray paint, and followed up with a layer of "Silver Leaf" Rub n'buff.


I designed the clock face in Illustrator and cut it out on some vinyl with my Cricut, and then applied it to the clock face. Just a note, this was a huge pain in the butt thanks to the gilders wax. My lines are all wobbly because the vinyl had to be coaxed onto the waxy clock face, so my recommendation for anyone wanting to replicate this project is to skip the wax there. Anyways, once that was finally done I installed the clock kit, the clock was finally ready for final assembly.


And here it is in all it's glory. I'm super pleased at myself with this one, it managed to live up to the lofty expectations I set for myself. Here's hoping my prop replica skills haven't peaked with this particular build, it's definitely going to be hard to top this one.

(The bricks in the background are just some more pink insulation foam carved with an exacto knife, rolled with a ball of tinfoil for texture, and painted using various washes until I was fed up with waiting for paint to dry.)

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Outstanding build! That is a beauty! Thank you for sharing your build process as well - I really enjoyed reading how you tackled each step!


Thank you both! This was a really fun project to do, it was never really high on my Labyrinth 'to-do' list and yet now that it's here it's one of my favourite builds to date.

Speaking of that to-do list, I have a resin Goblin Knight helmet that I've had for ages that I've yet to customize/paint. One of these days I'm gonna have to get my butt off and finish that one off, I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure my painting skills would be up to snuff but maybe I've improved enough in the last year or so that I can finally give it a go. Otherwise the only other project that I currently have my sights on is to make Hoggle's pouch of goodies. I think this will be a fun one to make, lots of found objects to grime up with aging. I guess I'll have to be on the look out for some vintagey-looking scissors (And whatever the heck that metal thing on the top is, a spoon?)


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