Jim Henson's Labyrinth - My Collection (July 2022 Update: 13 hour Lantern Clock Build)


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WOW! Well done! It really adds to your collection there!

Thanks a ton! I deliberately saved Jareth and Hoggle until last as I haven't done much sculpting, I envisioned a lot of frustration followed by failure, so I managed to surprise myself with how decent each of them turned out.

Now I've got to figure out what my next Labyrinth project is going to be! I've got a few ideas in mind, so far all the 'must haves' have already been checked off though


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KOMakesThings - I'm looking forward to see what you come up with next. Ive always wanted a 1:1 scale goblin cannonball ;-)

It's funny you say that, I actually started re-doing my cannonball Goblin (my profile pic) a little while ago. It's been a few years since I made him and I figured I could improve the look of the armour as well as give him a bit more articulation in the arms and legs. I used wire wrapped with foam for the limbs in the first build, and they work but I wanted to try and make something with more of a realistic structure to it. Here's what I've got for one of the arms so far:


Also wanted to point out this great build: Labyrinth Blind Beggar

Thank you for pointing me towards this! I started following the creator on Instagram after seeing her post in the RPF Facebook page, I should've known that she had started a thread here on the forums!


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I wanted a few smaller scale projects to keep myself busy, so I ended up creating a few random Labyrinth-related items:


First up: The crown that Sarah wears briefly in her room. I just drew up a design and had my Cricut cut it out onto some gold foil paper, glued on a bit of trim detailing, and added a string of costume pearls. The pearls aren't accurate to the movie, I'll be on the hunt for a better pair now that stores are starting to get Halloween items.



Next up: The poisoned peach. When Sarah wakes up in the junkyard after the ball scene she's holding a peach with a squirming green maggot. I got a fake peach, carved out the styrofoam, sculpted a pit out of air dry clay, painted it, and applied a tinted yellow gloss varnish to try and give it the appearance of fresh juice seeping from the bite.


And lastly, just a fun little project: A moveable arrow, inspired by the part where Sarah draws an arrow onto a brick in the Labyrinth (Immediately followed by a tiny beastie moving the arrow once she's not looking. I just painted a thick layer of mod podge onto a silicon mat, waited for it to dry, drew on an arrow with some lipstick, then sealed things with more mod podge. You can definitely see the mod podge edge of this so it's not super realistic, but it is easily moveable should I want to swap where it is on my shelves.




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I am in love with the door guard shield! :love::love::love:
View attachment 1330029

Thank you! I made them a while back out of some 10 mm EVA foam, 2 mm craft foam, googly eyes, and a dremel. One of these days I'll have to get around to giving them a new paint job, I didn't properly seal the foam before painting it so the majority of the paint just soaked into the foam.


You need to either make a fake stone or buy a paver stone from a hardware store and attach the arrow to it, or draw the arrow on it. Then you can set the stone out for display.

That's a good idea! I have some insulation foam kicking around somewhere, maybe I'll redo the arrow so it's permanently affixed to a stone. The removeable one is better suited for sticking it onto existing surfaces (When I last hosted a Labyrinth viewing party I placed it on one of the tiles in my bathroom, much easier clean-up than actually marking up my bathroom tiles with real lipstick!)


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Trivia time !

In Labyrinth, Sarah calls HOGGLE, ........ HOGWART in order to tease him. This use of HOGWART precedes J.K. Rowling's use of HOGWARTS castle.



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Trivia time !

In Labyrinth, Sarah calls HOGGLE, ........ HOGWART in order to tease him. This use of HOGWART precedes J.K. Rowling's use of HOGWARTS castle.


Indeed! As the story goes there's a type of plant nicknamed "Hogwort" that J.K. was familiar with that inspired the naming of Hogwarts. It's possible that the same plant is also what inspired Terry Jones when he was writing the script for Labyrinth.


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I'm going to need to report this topic. It's unbelievable what's going on here. I mean, really? HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME?! :D

Sorry, just wanted to do a different way of telling you this stuff is AMAZING!!!

I looove props like these!!!

Thank you both so much! It's always nice to know other people are enjoying my props. There's so much talent on these boards, anytime I manage to impress someone here it's a huge win in my book!

I'm always looking for items to fill my shelves, so if you have any ideas feel free to send them my way! I've been redecorating my Labyrinth shelves lately, I'm trying to turn each one into a quasi-diorama of sorts, so stay tuned for that! I've got two shelves dedicated to items from Sarah's room, I'd like to do two shelves for items from the Labyrinth in general (So stuff like the worm, eye lichen, Hoggle's Sprayer, etc.). The last shelf will be for items from the ballroom, which needs the most filling out so far, as I only have the poisoned peach and Jareth's mask (I got mine from a seller on Etsy).


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Wow the collections here are too sic! I made this mirror for my sister. It’s has a custom baby made from a superman funko keychain. It also has the Ello! speech nah I’m just a worm etc! When u press the worm. Hid a little greeting card recorder in it u can see the speaker on the wall. Battery is under a removable tile. All made from millions and painted lol.


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Wow the collections here are too sic! I made this mirror for my sister. It’s has a custom baby made from a superman funko keychain. It also has the Ello! speech nah I’m just a worm etc! When u press the worm. Hid a little greeting card recorder in it u can see the speaker on the wall. Battery is under a removable tile. All made from millions and painted lol.

That's so cool, what a fun way to display those funko's! I love the idea of a talking worm too, one day if I ever get around to dipping my toe into Arduino I'd like to do a motion-sensitive talking worm for my shelves.


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So behind-the-scenes I'm still trying to figure out if I can hunt down a match for Lancelot, but I'm unsure about a few things about Lancelot's appearance so I figured it might be helpful to get some outside input on him.

And it goes without saying that this is all assuming that Lancelot was a commercially available bear. Given that he doesn't have much screen time and the irrelevance of his design to the film (As in, how he looks really doesn’t matter to the plot of the movie), I fully believe he was a store bought bear purchased for use in the film. So with that assumption in mind, let’s dive in here:

1. How do you think the wear was achieved on Lancelot? Lancelot looks like a well-loved Teddy in the film. Is it more likely they bought a used bear, or do you think they would've bought a new bear and employed some tricks to make him appear more worn for the movie?

My thoughts are if it was a used bear then Lancelot might originate from the 70s, and if it's a new bear then his model of bear would've had to be on store shelves around 1985.

I'm also curious about the material used for Lancelot, if anyone has any opinions on that. Most bears from this era use mohair which to the best of my understanding is a natural fibre, but at least at the Centre for Puppetry Arts exhibit Lancelot is described as having "Synthetic fur".

2. What colour do you think Lancelot's eyes are? From what I can see a lot of bears from the 70s and 80s have amber eyes, which in the eBay listings I've seen appear more red than yellow. I've also seen the occasional bear with light brown eyes. It's hard to get an idea of Lancelot's eye colour from the film, but exhibition photos make me lean towards yellow or light brown eyes (Though obviously the lighting in this exhibits might be skewing the perception of his eye colour).

3. Would they have used multiple bears for Lancelot? This is one that I'm wondering mostly based off the recent exhibition photos of Lancelot. I can't tell if it's differences in lighting, but I feel like the paw pads of Lancelot at the Centre for Puppetry Arts exhibition are significantly darker than Lancelot at the MoPOP exhibition. I also feel like they potentially have slightly different head shapes, but I'm really not certain on this. With how little screen time Lancelot had in the movie I didn't think they would have a need for two bears, but is it possible that there were two Lancelot's prepared for the film, and each exhibit is showing a different Lancelot?

For reference, here's some screengrabs of Lancelot from the film:


And some additional references, Lancelot at two different Labyrinth exhibitions from a few years ago. The first three images show Lancelot with lighter paws at the MoPOP, and the rest show darker paws at the Centre for Puppetry Arts (Which again, I'm undecided about if this is just an issue with lighting or if these are potentially two different bears).

lancelot (1).PNG
img_6891 (1).jpg
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Not the most thrilling of updates, I have been in a small rut lately productivity wise but I finally dug up enough motivation to make a quick little replica of the Wiseman's charity box out of some EVA floor mats.



Some shots of the original, for comparison:


There wasn't much to the build of this one: I used some poster board to figure out a mock-up, which I then used as a pattern to cut out my foam. Because I was using floor mats I had to dremel off the pattern on the back of the foam, but this led to the realisation that the resulting texture gave the foam a nice wood-like appearance. I ended up dremelling the entire foam box, sealed the foam, painted it, added a dark wash, a gloss coat, and a final layer of dry brushing. The handle is actually 2 pieces of 6 mm craft foam, with a popscicle stick glued between the layers so that it can support the weight of the rest of the box.


The ring is my best approximation of Sarah's ring from the movie. I have mentioned previously being in a Labyrinth Facebook group... it's normally a pretty standard fan group, but every so often someone comes along with a real gem of a post. Not too long ago someone on there posted about owning Sarah's ring. According to her, as a kid her Father took her to a prop show where one of the traders there had the ring for sale. She ended up providing this photo for reference of what her ring looks like (The right image is a promo shot from the film, which to my knowledge is the best photo we have of Jennifer Connelly wearing the ring).


Unfortunately we never get a good shot of the ring itself in the movie, so without a certificate of some sort I don't think we can confirm if the above ring matches the one Sarah had in the film, but at least to my eye it seems to match up with what little we make out of the ring. That was good enough for me at least, so I just tried to find as close a match to the ring as possible. The ring I found was originally lacking the rhinestones, I ended up adding them in with some double sided tape as I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted them to be permanently affixed to the ring (I kinda liked how it looked without the rhinestones).

The bracelet is meant to resemble the plastic bracelet that Sarah bribes Hoggle with. I got mine from a Labyrinth blind box I bought a few years ago, it's been kicking around my shelves for the longest time so I'm glad I finally have a better way to display it.


Meanwhile, I'm still working away at my Labyrinth display shelves. I think I'm pretty close to doing a grand reveal, so long as I can convince myself to stop adding to it! Currently I'm building a mini-obelisk out of some foam core, so look forward to seeing that whenever I finish it.
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