Jigsaw's "Trench-Robe"


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I started working on a template for the SAW 1-Style "Trench-Robe" I have literally taken an old Trench-coat from a thrift-store and was using the shapes that I took apart at the seams for the parts to be retraced, cut to fit and sewn back together correctly in the end result, I am going to be working on the back of the said coat and adjusting the one half of one of the two coat sleeves (which were affixed cause it was just one with the backing of the torso on the one side) because it wouldn't look quite right on the finished robe. I am already done retracing with SOME of the existing shapes made with the cut and sewn pieces and I don't need to do EVERY SINGLE PIECE because I can use the old flip in reverse on the pattern to make the other side like what you'd do with EVA foam with templating. I have also extended the hem of the jacket to make it more of resemblance to the real deal robe. And one most important thing makes the robe jigsaw robe is the popped up collar tucked inside the hood, which for my robe, I used the existing collar piece that I elongated to give it more like a side-face covering Count Dracula-style collar. And I might need help from the crowd if you don't mind, please. I need to find up close shot images of a Don Post Blood Pig, since I plan to recreate Jigsaw's mask in sculpture, if anyone could lend me pictures on their masks to help me out please? It would be a big help. Thank You! :)

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