Jet Jaguar Costume Build - WIP


This is the first of 3 new costumes I want to get done for Dragon Con this year. Trying to make this as "cannon" to the original build as possible using similar materials and techniques that were used back in the early 70's. Helmet almost finished, waiting on materials to fabricate the eye lenses. Foam fab of the body should commence this week. Live streaming the entire build on my Twitch channel if anyone wants to check it out or ask any questions about the build or costuming/Props/FX in general.

Here are a few progress photos of the build so far, I will post updates as time allows. For more photos/info check my FB page at

Sculpt in Chavant Medium getting ready for molding:

Silicone jacket (Rebound-25):

Fiberglass mother:

First raw pull (smooth-cast 300, yes I know its not "cannon" original film helmet was fiberglass =P ):

Sanded, primed, sanded again, and base-coated:

Silver Nickle topcoat applied:


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Impressive sculpt! Really nice lines. (And I'm not just saying that because I'm swearing at a wad of Sculpey right now. Why can't they keep FIMO in stock?)

"Hito ga tsukutta robotto da kedo,
Jetto Jagaa, Jetto Jagaa!"


Not sure why half the image links are not working on previous posts for this thread, but thought I should finally update the final results of this build. Again, you can see more of this on my facebook page (Jet Jaguar build album: ) and follow my current builds live on my Twitch Channel.

Not done an official photoshoot yet but here is a quick shot taken of the finished Jet Jaguar suit. (more on the above linked FB page)
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