Jellied Eel Pie from Diagon Alley - Orlando

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    Im not really sure why this display caught my attention the first time I visited TWWOP a few years ago, but it did and Ive been thinking of making this ever since. This jellied eel pie project allowed me to finally mold and cast something which Ive been looking forward to for awhile and finalyl decided to jump in about a month ago.

    The master eel was sculpted with scuply, then molded with mold star 15 and cast with some cheap alumilite resin I found at my local Hobby Lobby. Luckily this was an easy piece to mold and it went pretty much flawlessly which might be why Im looking for my next mold/casting project already :)

    I didnt really care about nailing the reference material with this one. I thought the original eels looked a little too sardine like so I tried to plump them up and make them look a little more slimy. The pie itself is just salt dough that I baked the heck out of.

    Ill stop talking and just post some photos! The first is the reference pie and the next few are my version.

    I know this isnt a crazy complicated or impressive project, but it was a great first try and making something and hopefully I can one day create something as amazing as all you other RPF people crank out :)

    John (@skillshotdesign) • Instagram photos and videos

    24437156750_3d23d0e9ff_o.jpg 49007400_2443348955706562_4220169379683237888_n.jpg 48414269_319726142216441_8558263829576810496_n.jpg 48398906_271558280154662_8665781025797832704_n.jpg
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    Gah! The pictures alone make me kind of...eel.
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    Very cool..!
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    Wow! I really like the way you made the eels more 'eel-like'! It looks really fantastic, but I'm wondering, in what context are you going to display it, since eel pie isn't specifically something Harry Potter is known for in the story or anything, other than the wonderfully whimsical park exhibit?
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    Honestly it will probably end up in a box one day because you’re right it’s not really tied to Harry Potter. I just wanted to get this crazy idea out of my head and finally follow through on one of those ideas :)

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