Jeepers creepers


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These are part of my JEEPERS CREEPERS collection. First is an original screen-used appliance as worn by CREEPER actor Jonathan Breck with wig & contacts! I have acquired it directly from Brian Penikas, Creature FX Supervisor with full provenance! Next, screen-used CREEPER FX body used in JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 with it's original mold! Lastly, screen-used CREEPER foot from JEEPERS CREEPERS 2! Enjoy the pics friends:
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Nice find mate.. Pity I can't have scary props happening in my place, misses gets too scared easily.. I've persuaded her to let me put together a Darth Vader display when I can..


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I've got a prototype made by the propmaster of one of the knives from Jeepers Creepers 2, but it isn't as recognizable as your sweet piece.



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Awesome piece! I love that movie. I tricked a chick who hates horror movies into seeing it with me. At the time, I told her it starred that funny guy she liked, Justin Long, from that tv show "Ed" and she bought it. Boy was she surprised with the body count by the end of the movie. Now, if I can only get her to see Jeepers Creepers II. :)


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I met Jonathan Breck at a convention over here in the UK a couple of years back and he brought something with him very similar looking to this, which he would hold next to his face when he had a picture taken


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COOL... Thanks for sharing those links! Glad everyone is enjoying My JEEPERS CREEPERS pics.


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definately a nice collection, and the mould to! i'd have run a few extras off.
About time they did another movie, loved the first two


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Thanks for the link, hope it gets done, i thought the movies did pretty well, thought they would have done another one sooner than this
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