Jedifyfe's BBTF Mags arrived...a review

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Let me start by saying I consider Brad one of my best friend's here on the RPF. He and I have spent many an hour discussing our views on all things props, from selling to buying to quality of product. That being said we have much respect for each others views and opinions as we have both been collectors for a VERY long time. I say this so that you, the reader, will appreciate that regardless of mine and Brad's friendship, I will always post a very honest review. The fact that he's my bud and many know that only prompts me to examine every tiny detail closer and be even more honest.

With that out of the way, here is his original build thread of my shoes:

Not much i can really share concerning pics as he's documented the crap out of this particular build :lol

Now, what you DON'T see...

First thing I noticed was the swoosh. It's too small for the shoe. Brad only had what he had to work with and seeing as it's Mark's offered shoe, not much could really be done there other than rebuilding the whole stripe. It's also not held on very well as he just went with the original adhesive the stripe came with. Fair enough as he never really intended to do much with it. A little 3m spray adhesive should correct the problem.
No "bulges" where the lacing goes down into the shoe like the screen-used ones but that's fine by me as I hate this detail!

My biggest gripe is the toe area. He did a fantstic job rebuilding this and they are now screen accurate. If you're using these for display, you're golden. If you're going to wear these, beware. Because there is no "toe cap", when you put these on and you take a few steps your toes (the shapes) will be visible through the fabric, almost threatening to poke through if worn long enough. This is mostly due to the material being quite thin. But let's face it. The screen worn shoes were made to look snazzy, not practicle. If they were made to look like something you could actually wear for everyday use they would have made them out of leather.

That's really it. The rest of the review is just me stroking Brad's ego! :lol
The lights are BRIGHT! His wiring job is sturdy and true. They fired up right out of the box! I've light each shoe up at LEAST 20 times each and every time tey light up with zero issues. Quality work here, kids. :thumbsup
The activation button is very easy to locate and turn on though it's very well hidden in the top rib.

What really impresed me? The blue paint "splatter". It's very obvious these weren't actually splattered but individually hand applied. If Brad tries to tell you he just 'bristle sprayed' these on, he's lying. Each and every little splatter is WAY too perfect!

The build is just, for use of a better word...solid. I feel confident that if I wanted to wear these I could, but in all honesty, they just aren't designed that way. They are designed for display pieces. Sure, if you want to wear them at home on a Saturday night at home walking on the carpet while watching BTTF, they should last you many years to come. Me, they are going in a display case as I'm not going to chance damaging them.

Brad did an outstanding job and I couldn't be prouder.

A couple of personal notes: I got off lite as Brad and I worked out his services in trade. I made out like a bandit as I don't think Brad knew what he was getting into when he agreed to our deal :lol I knew this and I gave him all the freedom and space he needed to get these done. They took almost 9 months to finish and I never even asked for an update as I knew when I got them they were going to be perfect.
And they are.

Thank you again, Mr. Fyfe. You exceeded my expectations by miles...

...despite only having one ball!

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That was a fantastic review. If there was anyone on here who would give a blatantly honest review of anything, regardless of friendships it would have to be you. I really appreciate your honesty.

We all knew Brad would do an amazing job. Congrats on the shoes by the way.


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Thanks Armando. I truly appreciate the review and your honesty.

I do need to clear up a thing or two...

9 months? :lol It must have felt like that but I got the shoes on January 20th. So 3 months. Time flies though.

Armando had traded me an amzing Wested Indy jacket and said, "Hey you've added lights to these shoes right? Wanna trade?" So I agreed.

This is before I had ever slimmed the toe area or added EL in the soles. So I thought to myself that this could be easy to throw in 3 LED's in the ankle, add the EL to the strap and a couple of blue LED's in the soles and send them back. Well I decided to use Funky's pair as my prototypes. He agreed to wait to have them done "correctly" so I started the conversion:

1) Slimmed the toe
2) Made a new strap and added the EL NIKE logo
3) Installed 12 LED's in each shoe
4) Installed the EL in the soles
5) Added the ON/OFF switch in the "ear"
6) Splatter painted it
7) Added the NIKE and MAG logos as well as the SWOOSH
8) Hid the battery

The swoosh that I used was Mark's swoosh that comes with the shoes. I didn't want to mess up Funky's shoes with glue seeping out of the swoosh so I just adhered it with the normal sticky back that it comes with. Since then I have made the correct swoosh on mine and I will send him a new swoosh.

This build has been great because I got to "practice" on his pair without feeling rushed and he got a great pair of MAG's

You also forgot to mention the "gift" ;)

Thanks again my friend.


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Ah, yes. The "gift".
FYI, Brad sent along a couple of copies of his USA Today Pages (if you don't know what I'm talking about, do a search as these things are worth buying on their own!)

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Great review Funky and its refreshing to hear both the good and the bad - and it seems the good far outweighs the bad!

"gift" Brad?
Personally I think the issue of gifts with transitions should remain a private matter between the parties involved but then maybe that's just me…
Nice gesture though.



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