Jedi Training Remote - A Vintage Floating Build... maybe. ~Ridire Fíréan.

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Ridire Firean

Sr Member
Hey Gang! So I've been busy collecting supplies to someday build a Jedi Training Remote! I have to get the Plastruct Hemispheres, and the Bandai Panther G yet, but I've gathered up everything else besides the paint. I'm trying to decide between the ABS and Acrylic Hemispheres. And then there's a 6-1/4" Hemisphere at E.M.A. which is interesting too. I don't know why, but my eye tells me there's always something a bit off about the replicas that are said to have used the 6" Hemisphere. It's just something about relationships between the different parts and the whole, and I'm wondering if a 6-1/4" Hemisphere would solve the ratio. Maybe it's just me? Now that I have the kits, I suppose I need to open one of the trucks up to see exactly how big the wheels are!

Ridire Firean - Jedi Training Remote - 01 - Vintage Model Kits.jpg

Special thanks goes out to ! What a wonderful collection of data and photographs of model kits! Without their collected volume of knowledge I wouldn't have figured out which old model kits were period correct. Note that my Kenworths are NOT the T600A, because that kit wasn't available until 1984! There are also a couple of other kits that are close, they're not much different pricewise, and they have all of the wheels you'll need in one kit, though they may or may not be correct for the kit, and I just don't want to put them up here for fear of confusing folks with kits that may or may not have been used in the original prop. Both kits were period correct though, and via their instruction booklets, much like the T600A, appear to be close enough.

I was also able to source a Woodlev Floating Globe...
Ridire Firean - Jedi Training Remote - 02 - Floating Globe.jpg

...annnnnnndddddd, it lasted for all of 30 seconds before it blinked out of life.
Ridire Firean - Jedi Training Remote - 03 - Floating Globe.jpg Ridire Firean - Jedi Training Remote - 04 - Floating Globe.jpg

Nothing looks blown on the inside, but the base won't turn on. Could it be the Power Cord?

And although it was said to be a 6" sphere, it's not. Too small, yes, too small to begin the training!

I have a measurement of it around here somewhere... (20 minutes later now) there it is!

17.25" Circumference = 5.41126806512" in Diameter!

The Globe itself weighs 8.63 ounces / 244.9 grams.

Good to remember when or if I try to make a 1:1 scale replica float! And that's all based on the big IF, of me getting the Floating Globe to work again, or shell out another 60 bucks to get a new one. For as much as I like this floating design, the Hover Helmet conversion would be SO much simpler. That thing works INSTANTLY!

Thanks to everyone who has come before me and done such amazing research and work and shared their findings here at The RPF:
TheRealMcFly -
BrundelFly - Training Remote Building "HOW TO"
newmagrathea - Jedi Training Remote
spoudastis - Training Remote - Finished
Trooper_trent - Real Hovering Jedi Training Remote: FINISHED!

I have some sketches of the correct placement of the lugged vs. plain wheels that I started from the photographs I found online (thanks to Andre aka vfxsup64, and Jeffry Gugick aka pixelandpoly). Hopefully one day I'll make them pretty enough to share here. Having such high-resolution photos will be a wonderful asset once I get to painting this thing!

Now if there were just pictures of the back side of the Remote!!!

O.K. Off to it then!

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The Ninja

Master Member
Very cool, nothing better then watching a vintage parts prop come together, good luck with the build differently following this one (y)

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