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We're thinking of doing a run of the Jedi Sacred Texts seen in The Last Jedi. According to the Visual Dictionary there are eight books. We've had a few ideas to replica these which include:

1) Make the main "hero" book seen above which Luke handles in this scene. We have several of the original pages which we could replicate and we could then create invented pages in the same style to fill in the rest of the book. This would cost around $495.

2) Use the "hero" book above for the cover, but fill the pages with pages from all the volumes seen in the film, the Visual Dictionary and posted on-line. This would be a sort of compendium volume. Price would be the same $495.

3) Concentrate on replicating the covers only and fill them with just aged blank paper so they are more of a "shelf prop" to be displayed closed. We could then offer several volumes. The price would be less than the filled version... probably in the range of about $195.

4) ....something else? A combination of the above? Any other ideas?

The quality would be the same as seen on our other leather-bound book props, such as our Red Book of Westmarch. Please post your interest here along with what version(s) you would be interested in seeing done.

Kind regards,
Magnoli Props
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