Jedi Robe/Costume WIP


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As a new member, I am trying to work toward some meaningful posts (to get to that magic 20), and I thought I'd post some progress on my daughters Jedi Costume.

I found some really neat material... its 140 year old hand woven HEAVY linen. It looks great (IMHO) the only downside is that it was made on very narrow hand looms. That caused me to sew a few "panels" together to have it wide enough for a Jedi Robe.

I got to finish some seams, and attach the hood... should be all done by this PM. I am tempted to leave it the natural color, ala Yoda's Robe, but will probably dye it Brown as the darker color will be more recognizable as "Jedi" AND cover some of my sewing sins.

Take a look so far
Scramblin' to get them ready for Halloween!
My son is 6... and just big enough to get away with a wool blanket Jedi Robe. This was much easier to make than the linen one above.

Hugh Windu
It was a frantic rush to get the Wee Jedi kitted out for Halloween, but we made it with about a 70% solution.

The kids had a blast though, and that is what was really important!

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